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Dinara is working on her Ph.D. project at SKOK. Her Ph.D. project is dedicated to how Anglophone racial categories and the idiom of 'race as resistance' travel through intersectional feminist activism and pop culture (hip-hop). She proposes a framework of racial translation to interrogate this process and looks at two distinct racial translation projects: a grassroots Russophone intersectional feminist community engaged in English to Russian translation and adaptation of US-American intersectional feminist discourses and racial categories, and the main antagonist of Russian hip-hop authenticity, Tatar-Jewish rapper Timati, who brought US Black aesthetics into post-Soviet Russia. Using the insights from translation studies and transnational perspectives on racialization, the thesis examines the translation strategies of these two projects and their implications. It also looks at how the stigma of translation (accusations of foreignness, unoriginality, imitation), haunting both translation projects, gets negotiated within the larger fields of grassroots Russophone feminisms and Russian popular music. 

Dinara has an educational background in sociology and gender studies from the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, Bielefeld University, Germany, and St. Petersburg State University, Russia. In her Master's thesis, Dinara studied digital moral activism and anti-LGBT activism in Russian-speaking media.

As part of her Ph.D. project, Dinara participated in the international collaboration New tools for transnational analysis in postgraduate intersectional gender research – towards long-term international collaborations in doctoral and postdoctoral training. This was a collaboration between institutions for gender studies at universities in Linköping, Budapest, Cape Town and Bergen.

While researching at SKOK, Dinara is a member of the research group Fundamental Questions in Gender Research. This is an interdisciplinary group with members from across faculties. Dinara also actively engages with Russian studies at UiB and is a member of the research group there.

Spring 2017 KVIK 206 (Master level) Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context

Spring 2017 KVIK 101 (Bachelor level) Kjønn i det moderne

Academic lecture
  • Show author(s) (2021). Book launch: The Cultural is Political: Intersections of Russian Art and State Politics.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Show author(s) (2020). #Russianrapisracist vs #RussianNaziPurgeParty: On Geopolitics, Trolling and the Mistranslation of Race in a Twitter Controversy.

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Yangeldina, Dinara (2020) #Russianrapisracist vs #RussianNaziPurgeParty: On Geopolitics, Trolling and the Mistranslation of Race in a Twitter Controversy, in The Cultural is Political: Intersections of Russian Art and State Politics. Bergen: Dept of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen.