Foundational Questions in Gender and Sexuality Research

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The research group Foundational problems in gender and sexuality research is an interdisciplinary and interfaculty research group for academic staff at the University of Bergen with an interest in the fundamental issues within gender and sexuality research.

The group meets twice a month and discusses recent developments within gender and sexuality theory, jointly reads texts and presents and discusses their own research projects and publications in relation to the discipline's foundational problems. The group is also an arena for the development of new research projects. The group is a key element within the training of researchers for PhDs within the field of gender and sexuality research.

The research group is led by Redi Koobak, postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Women's and Gender Studies (SKOK). Koobak specialises in transnational feminist studies with a focus on discourses of gender, race and sexuality, including postcolonial and postsocialist feminisms, intersectionality, critical race theory, visual culture studies, feminist theory and epistemology, and creative writing methodologies.

At SKOK, she is the Principal Investigator of the UiB Faculty of Humanities funded project “Unpacking the #MeToo Moment: Discourses of Gender, Sexuality and Power in Academia”. Koobak also teaches KVIK 201 Contemporary Theories of Gender and Sexuality as part of a team, and she developed and teaches KVIK 206 Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context, which focuses on the #MeToo moment specifically. While the course is grounded in and builds upon her postdoctoral research, it also serves as a specific site of research for the project.

Semester's questions

Themes for discussion spring 2019

For the spring semester 2019 the researchgroup for foundational problems in gender research will discuss several questions on gender, crisis and the subject.

Framside av NORA-konferansen
May 21

Research group attends NORA Conference 2019

SKOKs research group will lead panels and participate at the NORA Conference in Island in May 2019.