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Sociologists study relations between humans in small and large social communities, between individuals, groups and organisations at the local, national and global level.

New publication by Hjellbrekke and Korsnes
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Circulation at the Top: Elites, Social Mobility and Intergenerational Capital Conversion

Despite calls for bridging the gap between the sociology of social class and the sociology of elites, there are few examples where this actually has been done. This article seeks to do so by applying approaches and statistical techniques commonly used in studies of social mobility in an analysis of...

New publication by Hjellbrekke and Korsnes
Hjellbrekke og Korsnes

Field Analysis, MCA and Class Specific Analysis: Analysing Structural Homologies Between, and Variety Within Subfields in the Norwegian Field of Power

In this chapter, Hjellbrekke and Korsnes discusses how the homology thesis can be investigated statistically by turning to two variants of geometrical data analysis: MCA and class specific MCA (Le Roux og Rouanet 2010). In particular, class specific MCA (herafter CSA ) is a methodological innovation...

Verdenskart med flyruter

Youth Employment Mobility – experiencing (un)certainties in Europe

Taking the risk-choice-freedom-paradox as theoretical starting point and drawing on empirical research from the international HORIZON 2020 research project on youth mobility – MOVE – we scrutinise young people’s general international mobility experiences and, specifically, the interrelatedness of...

New publication by Isaksen and Bikova in Journal of European Social Policy
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Egalitarian ideologies on the move: Changing care practices and gender norms in Norway

This article explores the complexities and ambiguities in Norwegian families’ interaction with the public childcare system.

New publication by professor Karen Christensen
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Norwegian Women’s Experiences of 20th-Century Migration to England

The article is based on the migration narratives of Norwegian women who emigrated from Norway to England in the 20th century.