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Sociologists study relations between humans in small and large social communities, between individuals, groups and organisations at the local, national and global level. Sociologists main concern is to explain and analyse how people are shaped by society, withtout failing to acknowledge that individuals also carry the potential to influence it.  

The department of Sociology offer a broad array of research fields. In addition to a general introduction to classical and contemporary sociology and its methods, we offer courses from the research areas of welfare, inequality and lifecourse, migration, integration and mobility and work, knowledge, economy and education.  

The application deadline is the 15 of april. You apply through "samordna opptak" for the bachelorprogamme and the year study, and for the masterprogramme you apply through "søknadsweb". Questions regarding this can be directed to the student counselor: studieveileder.sos@uib.no 

Autumn 2021

Elective courses in English

The Department of Sociology at the University of Bergen (UiB) offers a variety of courses in English. Our English language courses run at irregular intervals, so check the list below and use the online tool to check which courses we offer in the current semester.

New publication by David E. J. Herbert
Atheism campaign UK badge

Reaching for a new sense of connection: soft atheism and ‘patch and make do’ spirituality amongst nonreligious European millennials

In surveys a growing proportion of Europeans, especially young people, claim they have ‘no religion’, yet only a minority of these say they are atheist or agnostic; what then, do they believe, and how do their beliefs influence how they live their lives? And as religion’s influence diminishes for...

In the footsteps of Rokkan

“Cleavage structures and school politics: a Rokkanian comparative-historical analysis”

This paper explores comparatively and historically why Nordic and Continental welfare and education regimes differ in the degree of comprehensiveness of their primary and lower secondary school systems.

New publication by Lekve
Illustrerende utklipp fra Lekves artikkel i klassekampen

"Labour struggles in the new world of work"

Does internationalization of the labour market pose a threat to the Norwegian model? In this article, Lekve examines this question through an analysis of the strike in Norse Production during the autumn of 2017.

«Admission Impossible? School Choice in European Cities»
Bilde av sosiologisk institutt

New project on school choice in Europe

The project «Admission Impossible? School Choice in European Cities» received a 12 million Norwegian kroner grant from the Norwegian Research Council after this year’s spring-call.