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"Labour struggles in the new world of work"

Does internationalization of the labour market pose a threat to the Norwegian model? In this article, Lekve examines this question through an analysis of the strike in Norse Production during the autumn of 2017.

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The case is constructed through document analysis, participatory observation and qualitative interviews, and is a good candidate to enlighten us on the relationship between the Norwegian model and internationalization, because the conflict about Norse Production is characterized by eastern European workers and the establishment of a Norwegian Registered Foreign Company (NUF). The case also shows a successful mobilization from the workers and their union. As such the article illustrate the Norwegian unions ability to mobilize, but also how new challenges that arise as a consequence of internationalization still changes the power balance between employees and employers – and thus undermines the relative equality of power that serves as a basis for the Norwegian model.

For more information and access to the article, visit idunn.no.

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