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Ann Cathrin Corrales-Øverlid

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A Culinary Quest: Peruvian Women Entrepreneurs in Southern California Negotiating Home and Belonging

Two historical processes - an expanding Latino and Peruvian population in the US and what has been labeled the Peruvian Gastronomic Boom entering global as well as US markets - form the contextual backdrop for the many Peruvian immigrants who cultivate their entrepreneurial ambitions in the culinary sector. The project focuses on Peruvian women who have opened culinary businesses in Southern California, and is a qualitative study. It adopts the concept of home as a lens to understand migrant belonging and integration, and while scholarship on ethnic entrepreneurship tend to focus on economic outcomes, this study seeks to explore non-economic dimensions. I conducted fieldwork in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County and Bakersfield from August 2017 to May 2018, and in Peru June 2018. The data is based on life-histories from 35 Peruvian women entrepreneurs, in-depth interviews with key-informants, as well as participant and non-participant observation in the women’s businesses and in the Peruvian community. The study examines how these women negotiate home and belonging through culinary entrepreneurship, and seeks to answer the following questions: (1) How do documented and undocumented Peruvian women through formal as well as informal entrepreneurship practice place-making, and negotiate a right to space and thus the right to belong through culinary entrepreneurship? (2) How is ‘peruvianness’ and the ‘Latino’ negotiated through the women’s entrepreneurship and in the food spaces they create? (3) What relationship is developed between these businesses and the Peruvian community? (4) How does gender shape the women’s entrepreneurship and homing-projects? And how does gender intersect with race, ethnicity, class and legal status in these processes?

Teaching at Department for foreign languages, The University of Bergen:

SPLA100: Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Studies

SPLA109: Latin American History

Guest lectures:

"Immigrant and Ethnic Entrepreneurship" in American Studies 101: Race and Class in Los Angeles. Department of American Studies and Ethnicity. University of Southern California. April 10, 2018.



"A Culinary Quest: Peruvian Women Entrepreneurs in Southern California Negotiating Home and Belonging".

  • Paper presented at session "Home and the Senses", at the "HOMinG symposium - HOMinG; Displacement, suspension, projections and achievements in making home on the move", June 3-4.
  • Paper presented as session "Gendered Migration and Displacement", at the "LASA22019 - Nuestra América: Justice & Inclusion" conference: May 24-26.


"A Culinary Quest: Peruvian Women Entrepreneurs Negotiating Home and Belonging". Paper presented at session "Gender, inequality, spatial mobility and social change", at the "NOLAN2018: Epochal shifts in current Latin America?. October 25-26.

"A Culinary Quest: Peruvian Women in Southern California Negotiating Gender and Home." 

  • Paper presented at workshop "Everyday strategies of citizenship and belonging", at the 19th Nordic Migration Research Conference 2018: New (Im)mobilities: Migration and Race in the Era of Authoritarianism. August 15-17.
  • Paper presented at Formal Paper session "Immigration and Women", at the Pacific Sociological Association Annual Conference; March 28-31.

Masters' thesis:

Masteroppgave 2009: El impacto económico y social del microcrédito: Un estudio de caso de las prestatarias de la ONG MIDE ´la Ch´uspa´en Santa Cruz de Sallac, Peru. Tilgjengelig ved Bergen Open Research Archive - UIB. 

In the media:

Corrales-Øverlid, Ann Cathrin. "Alternativ Feminisme". In Morgenbladet. Oktober 17, 2017. Online access

Corrales-Øverlid, Ann Cathrin. "Lørdags(u)hygge: Når døden i Middelhavet skyller inn i stuen". In Dagsavisen. January 24, 2019. Online access.

Ph.D.project: A Culinary Quest: Peruvian Women Entrepreneurs in Southern California Negotiating Home and Belonging