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Research at the Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities offers research expertise within several fields, providing a solid basis for teaching.

Illustrasjon som viser bevegelse i tengspråk
Linguistic research under the auspices of the Bergen Museum dates back to the first half of the 19th century. At the Faculty of Humanities, researchers are taking the field in ever-new directions. The project NONMANUAL is funded by an ERC Starting Grant for the period 2023–2027 and will study facial expressions, body and head movements in five different sign languages, using large datasets, computer vision, and advanced statistical analysis.
Vadim Kimmelman

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The faculty has four departments and two centres covering more than twenty disciplines.

The research is distributed across the faculty's departments and centres. It takes place in research groups or as individual projects linked to national or international networks with internal or external funding. Furthermore, there are several major research projects bridging the disciplines and combining expertise from various backgrounds in specific areas of interest. The research is disseminated through the faculty's teaching subjects, in scientific publications and through external activities.

The research is carried out in a wide range of languages, both our own language, the largest European languages, and more distant languages ​​such as Arabic, Japanese and Chinese. History, religious studies, cultural studies and digital culture explore important aspects of social life in a long-term perspective from the Stone Age to the present day. Literature, art and theater are inalienable parts of our cultural heritage that must constantly be conveyed and processed from new perspectives.