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Do you plan to apply for external funding for research?

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BOA-HF offers support to researchers who wish to apply for external research funding. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project idea and possible sources of funding.    

Are you planning on applying for external funding? All initiatives begin at your Department/Center. Start by contacting the Head of your Department/Center. Submit information about your project plans in our application registration form. Use the form if you’re the project leader or a partner in another application. The information submitted in the form will be sent to the Head of the Department/Center and the administrative support team (BOA-HF).  

    Research Support

    Together with the departments and centers, we provide administrative support to externally funded projects and applications. We use BOA-HF as a collective term to represent these support functions. 

    Check the overview of us, who work with research, project finance, HR, and communication in the faculty administration.  

    The Application Process 

    It is important to start the planning process early. Certain calls have their own progress plans and deadlines. If you intend to apply for the Research Council of Norway’s FRIPRO call, check our internal deadline for registration and the application process.  

    How can we support you?

    As early as possible

    • Contact us to clarify the support you require. We can set up a progress plan and assist you up until the application deadline.  
    • Our research advisors can help evaluate whether the project’s idea aligns with the requirements. 
    • You must also inform us if you plan to participate as a partner in an application submitted from another department or faculty.  
    • For applications to Horizon Europe (e.g. European Research Council (ERC), Marie- Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA), Pillar 2 Globa Challenges), a Statement regarding the Proposal must be signed and sent. 
    • BOA-HF is responsible for coordinating tasks between the Division of Research and Innovation (FIA), the Faculty, the Department, and external consulting companies.  

    Preparation of the application budget

    • The budget is developed in collaboration with the applicant, financial advisor, and research advisor.  
    • The budget and application must always be approved by the Head of Department/Center before submission.   

    The Application Portal

    • Create an e-application in the application portal of the funder and give access to the Head of the Department/Center and Kirsten Moen (boa-hf@uib.no). BOA-HF will assist in quality checking the application.

    Have you been awarded funding for your project? 

    If your project has received funding, it is important to inform the Department/Center and BOA-HF.

    Start-up meetings

    Together with the Department/Center, the Section for Research and Communication will set up a start-up meeting for new projects. For some projects, a pre-start-up meeting may be necessary, ideally when the project has been granted funding.  

    During the start-up meeting, representatives from the Department/Center, Section for Economy, Section for HR, and Section for Research and Communication will participate. We will examine the project and determine the different roles. We will assist with: 

    • A plan for financial follow-up and reporting to the funding source. 
    • A plan for prospective employment.  
    • A review of potential partnership agreements, data management plans, and routines for internal monitoring. 
    • Other clarifications such as the admission of PhD candidates, planned events, etc.  


    Contracts, agreements, and collaboration

    In all research collaborations in which UiB participates in, either as project owner or partner, contracts and collaboration agreements must be entered into. A research contract secures the rights of the parties involved.

    • Coordinator projects: The contract is between the project owner/coordinator and the external funding source.  
    • Cooperation project: A cooperation agreement is between the project owner/coordinator and the partners.  

    UiB is the project owner in coordinator projects.  All agreements are prepared by the faculty’s Section for Research and Communication and validated by lawyers from the Division of Research and Innovation (FIA). All the contracts are initialed by the Head of Department/Center and signed by FIA. If you are a partner in a research project, the cooperation agreement is initialed by the Head of Department/Center and signed by FIA.  

    You will receive help with contract negotiations, but here are some important points to bear in mind: 

    • What is the relationship between the ownership of the project background and the ownership of results? 
    • What will you do with the project results? 
    • Have provisions been made with regards to publications? 
    • Will the project involve IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)? 

    Project management

    FIA has created an overview of the different project phases including project management  

    Current calls

    The following list is regularly updated with a selection of upcoming application deadlines for calls that focus humanities research.   

    The Research Council of Norway (RCN) | FRIPRO 


    Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility 
    For researchers who are at the start of their research career. The project coordinator must have submitted their doctoral thesis before submitting their first application. In addition, it must be less than seven years since the doctoral defence. The project lasts for 3 years, in which project coordinator will be abroad the first two years, and in Norway the third year.

    Researcher Project for Early Career Scientists
    This call replaces the call ‘Research Project for Young Talents.’ There is no age limit and all researchers with 2 to 7 years of experience following an approved doctorate may apply. The project lasts for 3 to 4 years. 

    Researcher Project for Experienced Scientists 
    This call replaces the call ‘Research Project for Scientific Renewal.’ Researchers that have achieved an approved doctorate or associate professor qualifications a minimum of 6 years prior to the application deadline may apply. Hence, the call is reserved for researchers who are experts in their research field. The maximum project duration is increased from 6 to 8 years.

    HF’s process and deadlines for NRF’s forthcoming FRIPRO-calls

    Within 12.02.24Use the application registration form
    • Employee resources, including 'buyout time' (frikjøp) etc., is cleared with the department 
    • Deadline for submitting applications for the workshop (complete applications are sent to boa-hf@uib.no)
    04.06.2024Application workshop (group sessions)
    18.06.2024Approval of the application and budget by the department
    After 18.06.2024Submission of applications from HF  

    The faculty's process for fall 2024 is forthcoming. 

    Horizon Europe  |  ERC and MSCA

    MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships
    A 1 to 3 years scholarship for outstanding researchers with a doctorate and international mobility. Researchers of any nationality may apply.
    Deadline: Yearly. Upcoming: 11th September 2024

    ERC Starting Grant
    A grant of up to 1.5€ million for 5 years.
    For talented researchers of any nationality, early in their career, with 2 to 7 years of experience following their completed PhD, who have produced excellent work, are ready to work independently, have potential to be a research coordinator, and have a scientific track record that shows great potential. 
    Deadline: Yearly. Upcoming: 15th October 2024

    Horizon Europe / ERC Consolidator Grant
    A grant of up to 2€ million for a 5 years.
    For researchers of any nationality with 7 to 12 years of experience following their completed PhD, who wish to consolidate their independence by establishing a research team and continue to develop a successful career in Europe. You may also apply if you recently established an independent, outstanding research team and you wish to strengthen the team.  
    Deadline: Yearly. Upcoming: 14th January 2025

    Horisont Europa / ERC Advanced Grant
    A grant of up to 2.5€ million for 5 years. 
    For experienced senior researchers of any nationality with a scientific track record which shows groundbreaking research throughout their career, also during the last 10 years.
    Deadline: Yearly. Upcoming: 29th August 2024

    Horizon Europe / ERC Synergy Grant
    A grant of 100€ million for 6 years.
    For research projects that aim to tackle ambitious research questions that may only be answered through coordinated work by a small group of 2 to 4 research coordinators.  
    Deadline: 6th November 2024