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Veli-Pekka Parkkinen argues that variable relativity is good, in a paper that recently appeared in Synthese: Parkkinen, VP. Variable relativity of causation is good. Synthese 200, 194 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11229-022-03676-0
In a solemn ceremony in the University Hall, the eight new honorary doctors at UiB were honored. They received the award for their outstanding work for science.
On 24 May, SVT affiliate Cristina García Casañas successfully defended her PhD thesis "Imaginaries of innovation and science: critical analysis and sustainability concerns.”
The SapienCE annual report for 2021 is now available with an insight to our exciting projects and activities which have taken place throughout the calendar year.
Which expectations and requirements do the teachers have for the students at the Norwegian Courses? What is the tuition like? 15 skilled teachers teach the Norwegian Courses, and here you'll get to know two of them, Pernille Myrvold and Katrin Saarik.
On 3 May, researchers from the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK) at UiB presented preliminary research results at a seminar debate in Spain.
Ben Martin | Anti-Exceptionalism about Logic and the Burden of Explanation | Canadian Journal of Philosophy
Ben Martin & Ole T. Hjortland | Anti-exceptionalism about logic as tradition rejection | Synthese
Andreas Fjellstad | Expressing logical disagreement from within | Synthese
Ben Martin | The philosophy of logical practice | Metaphilosophy
Join us in the celebration of this years' Holberg Prize Laureate, Nils Klim Prize Laureate and the Holberg Prize School Project winners. The 2022 Holberg Week takes place in Bergen and Oslo 7–10 June.
Professor II Dr. Doris Rusch (Uppsala Universitet) joins CDN to explore existential questions through the lenses of game design and neuroscience.
In the Visions of the Artic project, professor of anthropology Knut Mikjel Rio at the University Museum of Bergen will research Arctic indigenous peoples’ portrayals of their own history, compared to the nation states’ portrayal of the minority populations.
This question is central to the research of the 2022 Holberg Prize winner, Sheila Jasanoff, who has a long-standing collaboration with University of Bergen researchers.
Torfinn Thomesen Huvenes | Individuation by agreement and disagreement | Inquiry
Chr. Michelsen Institute and the University of Bergen have a long-standing agreement to strengthen development-related research in Bergen. We now invite applications for collaboration between our two institutions for 2022-2023. Deadline 15 June, 2022.
Social scientist Gabriele de Seta is looking at how we interact with digital media in everyday life. Now he is awarded the Prize for Young Researchers for his outstanding work.