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Against increasingly diversified migration in our globalized societies, intercultural competencies have become a progressively relevant set of skills in the national and international job market.
The SapienCE Early Human Behaviour Exhibition offers a unique opportunity to explore fascinating discoveries and insights into the behaviours of our early, shared, ancestors.
Laura J Damschroder et al. (2022) conducted a Coincidence Analysis of obesity treatment options within the Veterans Health Administration, which was selected "Editor's Choice" by Translational Behavioral Medicine.
The Living with climate change conference took place on 8-9. May 2023 with over 100 participants from 19 countries, and over 50 paper presentations. THE FIRST DAY OF THE CONFERENCE IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE AS A VIDEO RECORDING HERE.
8-9 May 2023 the CLIMLIFE research project at the University of Bergen organised the international conference Living with climate change. Journalist and scholar Andrew Revkin gave a wholehearted keynote on climate communication, journalism and on connecting people.
Professor Kjersti Fløttum interviewed by the podcast Science4Impact about how willing we are to live climate-friendly lives.
Research assistant at the CLIMLIFE research project, Emil Perron, has been interviewed by På Høyden about the preparing the conference Living with climate change conference at the University of Bergen 8-9 May.
Ingrid Halland is convinced that the materials of a more sustainable future cannot mimic the aesthetics belonging to the paradigms we must leave behind.
Did you miss Dhayalan Velauthapillai's BEL Lunch seminar presenting on research on nanomaterials for solar cells, Hydrogen and energy storage applications at Western Norway University of Applied Science? Watch it here!
A new version of the `frscore` extension package for `cna` is now available on CRAN.
We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Elizabet Arocena Egaña from University of the Basque Country will give a lecture titled "Students’ language achievements, teachers’ beliefs and the use of multilingual resources in Basque schools" on May 12, 2023. You are welcome to attend this event.
Did you miss Finn Gunnar Nielsens presentation of NVE's report on new areas for renewable energy production at sea? Watch it here! Please note that the presentation was given in Norwegian language.
Chr. Michelsen Institute and the University of Bergen have a long-standing agreement to strengthen development-related research in Bergen. We now invite applications for collaboration between our two institutions for 2023-2024. Deadline 7 June, 2023.
Did you miss Kristin Margrethe Flornes presentation of Eviny's pilot project from PILOT-E to develop solutions for increased flexibility in the power system? Watch it here!
In this presentation, Ingvald Torblå, CEO of Odda Technology, presents the plans and current status of the Green energy project Hardanger Hydrogen Hub.
In his opening lecture of the 2023 General Assembly at the Vatican City, UiB professor Roger Strand explored the role of ethics in converging technologies.
During the conference on "Pandemic, diversity and social inequality" in Bergen in October, researchers started working on a declaration based on knowledge and experiences from the pandemic. The declaration has now been published and is open to read.
Tim Haesebrouck applied the frscore routine in an exemplary manner to examine the conditions under which populist radical right parties support military deployment decisions in national parliaments: Haesebrouck T. (2023), The populist radical right and military intervention: A coincidence analysis of military deployment votes, International Interactions, doi: 10.1080/03050629.2023.2184815