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The programme for Bergen Medieval Forum is ready!
UiB is planning to establish an interdisciplinary center for humanistic research. Within this framework, funds are available for two basic research projects with a deadline of 15 March.
Kva feirar me eigentleg 21. februar kvart år? Kva er i det heile morsmål?
February 6th - 9th the researchers for the WAIT project gathered in Athens.
Teacher training students Christina and Jaime from Comillas are doing their Erasmus Internships at the Department of Foreign Languages. They give two thumbs up for the Bergen snow and to the student reception.
In this volume, leading philosophers, medical doctors, and economists discuss different views on how to evaluate death and its relevance for health policy.
Three new PhD students joined the MACHINE VISION team in January 2019, and the team is working hard.
Research partners from Cambridge University visited Bergen.
The four-year project 'Mathematics with a Human Face: Set Theory within a Naturalized Wittgensteinean Framework' has received a grant from the Norwegian Research Council.
The research group Multilingualism on My mind was successfully launched on November 23.
" Archeology is a fascinating way to learn about human evolution because it opens up to all disciplines and allows us to look at human behavior from a holistic perspective".
Gode klær og mote har vært viktig for oss helt siden tidlig steinalder. En ny internasjonal studie viser hvordan syteknikken har utviklet seg fra de første nålene ble oppfunnet for 73 000 år siden. Funnene viser tidlige spor av avansert klesproduksjon, og at klær allerede den gang handlet om mer enn å bare holde seg varm.
In the start of November Machine Vision hosted their first workshop at Solstrand Hotel with creative researchers, artists and designers from many parts of the world.
Read the newest blog-entry from PhD. candidate Halvar A. Kjærre on his research amongst Afghans in Europe.
Torture of data, perverse reward systems, declining morals and false findings: Science is in crisis argues statistician Andrea Saltelli.
Soledad Marambio is a new postdoctoral fellow connected to the project “Historicizing the ageing self”. She will work with the late writings of three Argentinian authors.
Machine Vision is growing and has a new Tumblr with weekly updates.
Last month, the annual conference and festival of the Electronic Literature Organization took place at UQAM (Montreal, Canada) to present state-of-the-art research and creative projects as well as discuss future collaborations and strategies of the field. In this blogpost, I outline the elements of the conference that are relevant to Machine Vision, and show examples of works using machine vision... Read more