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How is the temperature increase for global warming calculated?

Climate scientist and LINGCLIM member Professor Helge Drange explains in an article for Energi og klima how we can calculate the increase in temperature due to global warming.

Helge Drange

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It is the long-term trends that count in analyzes of the climate, writes Professor Helge Drange. This has consequences for how we calculate the increase in global temperature since pre-industrial times.

The article, which was first published on 7 February 2019, has been updated several times, most recently on 14 August 2023.

Professor Helge Drange gives a clear overview and introduction to how we can measure temperature increases.

The article is available in Norwegian in its entirety here: https://energiogklima.no/to-grader/global-oppvarming-slik-beregnes-tempe...