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The research group's reading group will have its second meeting of the semester on May 3rd in HF 371, 10:00-11:30
During this year's SDG Conference in Bergen, the LINGCLIM research group contributed with a session on "Voices on Lifestyle in a Climate Perspective" on "Day Zero" (9th February 2022).
Welcome to the new "Gender and Ageing" seminar organized by Laura Cayrol-Bernardo.
Cutting-edge technology makes it possible for scientists to retrieve DNA recovered decades ago. An international team of researchers, including scientists from SapienCE, were able to isolate ancient DNA from blocks of sediment embedded in plastic resin commonly used for micromorphological analyses.
Kiwis (self-reference used by New Zealanders) refer to their native subtropical forest with its tree giants and unique flora and fauna somewhat depreciatively as bush.
It's noisy in the gardens, and the melody of birds, chainsaws, ice and robots keeps harmony with the seasonal rhythms of the gardens.
On my first day in the university gardens, the head gardener broke down the work by colour: "Green" work with plants, "grey" work with landscaping and "blue" work on water and drainage.