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Mathias Ambühl and Michael Baumgartner released a new update of the cna R package on CRAN. The latest version is 3.5.4.
Dean, M, Tezak, A, Johnson, S, ... Cragun, D. used CNA to identify factors differentiating cancer risk management decisions among females with pathogenic/likely pathogenic variants in PALB2, CHEK2, and ATM. Accompanied by a podcast with Deborah Cragun.
In the Nordic countries, tens of thousands of pages from liturgical books from the Middle Ages have been preserved. An international network of researchers has formed around the materials.
SapienCE scientist Francesco d’Errico is ranked as number 1 in Social Sciences and Humanities in Norway by Research.com.
Historian Ernesto Semán recommends a visit to Buenos Aires for its energy, raves about Chilean TV series Los ’80, waxes lyrical about the mountains of Latin America, and bakes medialunas, an Argentine version of croissants, for his guests.
The bi-weekly podcast series ‘Off Center’, hosted by Scott Rettberg, Director of the Center for Digital Narrative, has launched. Read more about it and find out where you can listen to the podcast.