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Over the next 5 years, a large interdisciplinary project at UiB will advance the frontier of knowledge in artificial intelligence (AI), with a particular focus on reliable and ethical development in the field. The program is supported by the EU and aims to train 19 researchers from various disciplines to become the future leaders in AI research and technology.
On Monday 19 June 2023, PhD candidate Runa Falck (IF) conducted her masterclass, and PhD candidate Johanna Gunn (IF) presented her chapter on theory of science and ethics for her PhD project.
Once again, the Bergen Summer Research School was organised at the University of Bergen, 16 years since it first was established.
12-13 June, associate professor Øyvind Gjerstad led a workshop at the Faculty of Humanities: "Narratives in the humanities and social sciences".
Jessica Dodge et al. (2023) conducted a Coincidence Analysis investigating various factors influencing timely implementation of research findings into clinical practice in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).
The anthology 'Multimodality in English Language Learning' was published in 2022. The editors Sigrid Ørevik og Sophia Diamantopoulou both belong to the research group Text-based English Language Learning (TELL). The book also contains a contribution from TELL researcher Aud Solbjørg Skulstad. Two international journals have now published reviews of the book: 'Multimodality in Society' and '... Read more
The Origins of Early Southern Sapiens Behaviour exhibition is launched at Cape Point, South Africa. The exhibition showcases remarkable discoveries from SapienCE main excavation sites augmented by Sea Change Project contribution.
This week, more than 70 PhD students from all over the world assemble in Bergen for the annual Bergen Summer Research Schools—for the first time since the pandemic.
The SapienCE Annual Report of 2022 is available to download. The new report provides a summary of everything our team of world-leading scientists has achieved from the start of the Centre in 2017 until today. Come share our journey with us!