The 2022 Annual Report from Team SapienCE

The SapienCE Annual Report of 2022 is available to download. The new report provides a summary of everything our team of world-leading scientists has achieved from the start of the Centre in 2017 until today. Come share our journey with us!

Picture of scientists from SapienCE doing fieldwork
SAPIENCE EXCAVATIONS: In this years report you can follow the SapienCE team on excavation at various locations in South Africa.

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In our latest report you can follow Team SapienCE in the field in the various locations in South Africa. You can read about our ground-breaking research and get an insight into how the scientists are collaborating across disciplines to bring us closer to an understanding of how and when we became modern humans like we are today.

Reflecting on the last five years of SapienCE, Professor Christopher Henshilwood, director of the Centre of Excellence, says that he is very proud of the team and what they have achieved during the first half og the Centre’s existence, which is reflected in the large number of publications, many of them in most prestigious scientific outlets.

“I conclude by repeating the pride we have in seeing that SapienCE continues to evolve as a strong, unified team, and I have full confidence that all members, scientific and administrative, will respond to the best of their abilities in continuing our research and pursuing excellent science in 2023 and beyond”.

Please download the Annual Report of 2022 below.

Download the SapienCE Annual Report 2022 here