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The CLIMLIFE project gave a comprehensive presentation of undertaken research for its Scientific Advisory Committee.
Research fellow in the LINGCLIM group, Runa Falck, gave a presentation at the DIGSSCORE/Norwegian Citizen Panel lunch seminar.
The Norwegian Researcher School in Environmental Humanities (NoRS-EH) took place August 22–26 2022.
Øyvind Gjerstad, Francis Badiang Oloko and Kjersti Fløttum participated at the Nordic Romanist Conference (ROM22).
John Rich, Edward Miech, Daniel Semenza and Theodore Corbin applied CNA in a new study investigating the effect of 10 firearm laws in US states on homocide and suicide rates.
Center for Digital Narrative and Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting in Health have been awarded the status as Centres of Excellence (SFF) from the Research Council of Norway.
CanCode had seven presentations, six of them in two Cancode-panels at the 34. Deutscher Orientalistentag in Berlin, 12.-17.09 2022 at Freie Universität Berlin. Read more about them here.
The data analysis method of Coincidence Analysis has been introduced to the field of medical informatics: Womack DM, Miech EJ, Fox NJ, Silvey LC, Somerville AM, Eldredge DH, Steege LM. (2022), Coincidence Analysis: A Novel Approach to Modeling Nurses' Workplace Experience, Applied Clinical Informatics, (4):794-802. doi: 10.1055/s-0042-1756368.
Professor Scott Rettberg and associate professor Ingrid Halland receive 12 million each from the Research Council of Norway for projects at the intersection between technology and aesthetics.