SDG Conference in Bergen
SDG Conference in Bergen 2024

Organise an event at Day Zero 2024

We now welcome applications to host an event as part of Day Zero at the SDG Conference Bergen, 7 February 2024.

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SEE YOU ONLINE! Scene from a Day Zero event in 2022.
Paul S. Amundsen/UiB

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Day Zero is a free, all-digital day of events on the day before the SDG Conference plenary programme starts. Your suggested Day Zero event will be streamed on the conference platform to a worldwide audience.  

Day Zero is an opportunity to organize creative spaces (workshops, exhibitions, debates, etc.)  to present your work of relevance to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We invite a diverse audience to participate, whether you are a student, work in academia, research, civil society, non-profit, or a small business or a large corporation.  

New deadline for abstracts: 1 December 2023 

Call for abstracts at Day Zero, SDG Conference Bergen 2024

The topic of SDG Conference Bergen 2024 
The topic of the SDG Conference Bergen 2024 is The role of universities in transformative change. Underscoring the urgency of addressing climate change, biodiversity loss, and unsustainable consumption, this conference emphasizes the need for fundamental changes in societal structures and values. Universities have a critical role in facilitating transformative change in response to pressing global challenges such as environmental crises and social inequalities.  

All initiatives are welcome 
We encourage all kinds of initiatives, from presentations of SDG-relevant teaching and pedagogical innovations to concrete research projects or just to raise a debate about what you see as important topics within the broader SDG discourse.

Day Zero is designed to be an open space to communicate across disciplines, topics, and goals and to learn from one another in critical applications of the SDGs and their associated targets and indicators. 

Streaming through the conference platform 
All Day Zero events will be streamed on the conference platform. Your suggested event will therefore have to be made digitally available through a direct video streaming link, Zoom, Teams or similar.  

Please note that you will be responsible for all practicalities of your suggested event including making it digitally available. The SDG Conference Bergen administration will be responsible for dissemination of accepted events on the official conference platform. For an overview of previously held Day Zero events, please see the programme for Day Zero in February 2023  

All abstracts will be evaluated by the Day Zero Planning Committee. The committee reserves the right to suggest modifications to the events in line with the SDG Conference Bergen vision and aims.