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Panel discussion: DEGROWTH

On Wednesday 30 August 2023, Salongen - journal for philosophy and the history of ideas invited to a panel discussion with professors Mariel Aguilar-Støen (UiO) and Jørgen Pedersen (HVL) about "degrowth" at Litteraturhuset in Bergen. Research assistant for CLIMLIFE, Emil Perron, led the conversation together with Eirik Fevang on behalf of Salongen.

Participants: Emil Perron, Mariel Aguilar-Støen, Jørgen Pedersen and Eirik Fevang.
Kjersti Fløttum

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Research assistant for CLIMLIFE, Emil Perron, led the philosophical conversation about "degrowth" on behalf of Salongen - journal for philosophy and the history of ideas at Litteraturhuset in Bergen. Invited panelists included Professor Mariel Støen (UiO) and Professor Jørgen Pederson (HVL).

The event's introduction stated that "never before have we ever seen such great prosperity in the world as we do today. At the same time, we have also never seen such great economic disparities. Our modern age, founded on an understanding of growth as something undeniable and linked to an ideal of progress, has met the greatest of challenges in global climate change, loss of natural landscapes and biodiversity and overconsumption.

How is this connected: growth on the one hand and decline on the other? On a planet with limited resources, we cannot, without ending up in inextricable paradoxes, maintain a society based on perpetual growth. Theories about degrowth are emerging as more and more clear among thinkers and politicians, but in contrast to a number of other countries, degrowth has not received much attention in Norway as of yet. Salongen wants to get this conversation going in this country. 

What will it mean to change the way of thinking to degrowth? And is degrowth the solution for society?"

Around two weeks before the election day for the municipal and regional elections, the event offered rewarding food for thought. Aguilar-Støen and Pedersen shed light on the topic from their respective angles and disciplines. The audience was engaged and had the opportunity to participate in the question round after the panel discussion.

Salongen - journal for philosophy and the history of ideas has an ongoing collaboration with Litteraturhuset in Bergen on philosophical panel discussions. The next and fourth conversation in the series will take place on 2 November and deal with the topic of "Arabic philosophy". Welcome!