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Cancer Biomarkers: Ethics, Economics and Society

Editors: Anne Blanchard and Roger Strand

Cancer care is undergoing a shift from a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to more personalised medicine. One way of personalising cancer treatments is through biomarkers: molecules or biochemical changes found in the patient’s tissues and body fluids.

This book reflects upon the promise of cancer biomarkers and asks questions such as: How may the complexity of cancer biology impede the robustness of biomarkers in the clinic? How should one draw the line between the various sub-groups of patients for personalised treatment? How can one evaluate the cost-effectiveness and fairness of personalised cancer treatments? By bringing together authors from the fields of science and technology studies, medical ethics and philosophy, health economics and oncology, the book aims to give a critical yet accessible overview of some of the key social, ethical and economic issues that surround cancer biomarkers.

“The book should be required reading for oncologists, medical students, graduate students and especially for those who make policy decisions regarding the use and reimbursement of cancer biomarkers.” – Bruce Zetter, Charles Nowiszewski Professor of Cancer Biology in the Department of Surgery, Harvard Medical School


Technoscience and Citizenship: Ethics and Governance in the Digital Society 

Editor: Ana Delgado

This book provides insights on how emerging technosciences come together with new forms of governance and ethical questioning.
Combining science and technologies and ethics approaches, it looks at the emergence of three key technoscientific domains - body enhancement technologies,
biometrics and technologies for the production of space -exploring how human bodies and minds, the movement of citizens and space become matters of technoscientific governance. The emergence of new and digital technologies pose new challenges for representative democracy and existing forms of citizenship.
As citizens encounter and have to adapt to technological change in their everyday life, new forms of conviviality and contestation emerge. 
This book is a key reference for scholars interested in the governance of emerging technosciences in the fields of science and technology studies and ethics. 
The collection of articles in this book aim at introducing master students in the fields of STS and ethics to a number of technologies and technological concerns of today’s digital social realities.


Krise og medansvar.Politiske småskrifter. Oslo:Res Publica

Editor: Gunnar Skirbekk

Kriser vil komme, igjen og igjen. Ikkje av eitt slag, ikkje langs éin dimensjon, men ved eit uoversiktleg samspel av mange faktorar. Ein kan bli skremd av mindre.

Som statsborgar i velorganiserte demokratiske rettsstatar kan vi velje og bli valde, demonstrere og organisere oss, delta i debatten og halde oss oppdaterte på det som skjer og på det som kan gjerast. Som statsborgar i kriseramma moderne demokrati har vi makt, kvar på sitt vis, og dermed også medansvar.

Dette er bakteppet for denne boka, Krise og medansvar, ei samling politiske skrifter i skjæringspunktet mellom aktuelle utfordringar og filosofisk refleksjon. Tolv tekstar med fokus på politikk og ekspertise, religion og modernitet, kultur og identitet, filosofi og øko-etikk.


The Rightful Place of Science: Science on the Verge. Tempe, AZ: Consortium for Science, Policy & outcomes
Editors: Saltelli, A., Benessia, A., Funtowicz, S., Giampietro, M., Pereira, A.G., Ravetz, J., Strand, R., van der Sluijs, J. P., and Sarewitz, D

A crisis looms over the scientific enterprise. Not a day passes without news of retractions, failed replications, fraudulent peer reviews, or misinformed science-based policies. The social implications are enormous, yet this crisis has remained largely uncharted until now.

In Science on the Verge, luminaries in the field of post-normal science and scientific governance focus attention on worrying fault-lines in the use of science for
policy-making, and the dramatic crisis within science itself. This provocative new volume in The Rightful Place of Science also explores the concepts that need to be unlearned, and the skills that must be relearned and enhanced, if we are to restore the legitimacy and integrity of science.


Images of Knowledge: The Epistemic Lives of Pictures and Visualisations. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Publishing.
Vaage, N. S., Slaattelid, R. T., Haagensen, T.K., Smith, S. L

The authors consider the relationship between knowledge and image, though multi-faceted, to be one of reciprocal dependence. But how do images carry and convey knowledge? The ambiguities of images means that interpretations do not necessarily follow the intention of the image producers. Through an array of different cases, the chapters critically reflect upon how images are mobilised and used in different knowledge practices, within certain knowledge traditions, in different historical periods. They question what we take for granted, what seems evident, what goes without saying. This approach spans across established categories such as «scientific imaging», «religious images» and «artworks», and considers how images may contribute meaning across such categories

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