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The group studies exogenous processes that have shaped and shape the landscape. With main focus in Norway, the group deals with glaciers, geohazards (floods, wind, storm surges, avalanches), sea level, hydrology, groundwater, frost features, caves and landscape development linked to past and present climate and environmental changes. The group applies a number of techniques, including equipment for coring of lakes, access to analysis of sediments, as well as a GIS and remote sensing laboratory. Our work is highly relevant for public security and planning related to settlement, transport, water supply, and climate and energy transformation.

The group teaches at all levels from bachelor to master and PhD, including several field courses.

Master's project

Geodetic glacier mass balance and photogrammetry

In my master's project I study modern glacier and climate fluctuations reflected as geodetic mass balance, calculated using UAV and historical aerial imagery at Fannaråkbreen, Jotunheimen.

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Cryospheric Monitoring in the Lyngen Alps

University of Bergen Professors, international Ph.D. students, and UiB’s Master students Dive into Cryospheric Monitoring at an Elite Summer School in the Lyngen Alps.

Master projects
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Master Project
Field area

Holocene glacier and climate variability at Sulitjelmaisen, northern Norway and Sweden

For my master project I reconstructed the last 11,500 years worth of glacier and climate changes at a glacier complex called Sulitjelmaisen in the subarctic, focusing on the largest glacier called Salajekna.