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A white and green logo that says SLATE: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology.

SLATE is the Norwegian national centre for learning analytics.

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SLATE (Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology) is a leading research centre in the development of knowledge about how educational data can be used to support knowledge, learning, and teaching processes. Drawing on interdisciplinary collaboration, SLATE investigates the technological, pedagogical, interpretive, cultural, ethical, and legal aspects of learning analytics (LA) and artificial intelligence in education (AIEd), and promotes the responsible use of technology in education.  

SLATE gathers researchers from multiple disciplines, including information science, cognitive science, and pedagogy, thereby conducting integrated research that will advance the frontiers of sciences of learning, as well as inform education practice and policy.

Plakat med logoer for UiB AI og TMS

Big boost for AI research at UiB

Trond Mohn Foundation and the University of Bergen are launching three research projects worth a total of 40 million Norwegian kroner for research for more trustworthy systems for artificial intelligence (AI).

UiB Magazine 2018/2019

The UiB Magazine 2018: SLATE

Ole Marius Kvamme from UiB’s Communication Division has written about SLATE for the UiB Magazine 2018. He writes that at SLATE, researchers work to understand digital data, and to use it to better understand and support learning.