SLATE: Centre for the Science of Learning & Technology

Illustrasjonsbilde av jente og tekst som spør: hva vekker kreativiteten hos en som lærer? Hvordan kan big data forme utdanning? Hvordan lærer vi?

SLATE is a global research centre designed for the advancement of the Learning Sciences. Learn more from SLATE's web pages.

UiB Magazine 2018/2019

The UiB Magazine 2018: SLATE

Ole Marius Kvamme from UiB’s Communication Division has written about SLATE for the UiB Magazine 2018. He writes that at SLATE, researchers work to understand digital data, and to use it to better understand and support learning.

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SLATE was one of the featured cases in a review of interdisciplinary research in Norway commissioned by the Research Council of Norway in 2018. Read the report.