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Studenter nytt semester 2018

The Faculty of Psychology offers vocational training for psychologists, is responsible for university teaching training at UiB, contributes with the pedagogy part of teacher training, and offers degree courses in a wide range of subjects: child welfare, health promotion, education, special education, psychology, work and organizational psychology and speech therapy. The Faculty's main focus in research is related to health, learning, development-related research, and basic research in a broad sense.

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Gutt på Vestbredden, NTB

Self-help method for traumatized Palestinian children in the West Bank.

- The stories health and school personnel tell about children's suffering in Gaza and the West Bank are heartbreaking and shocking, says psychologist specialist Unni Heltne.

Kvinne jobber med tekst

Are women really better at finding and remembering words than men? Large study settles score.

Textbooks and popular science books claim with certainty that women are better at finding words and remembering words, but is this really a fact?

Biology students using ArtsApp

Mobile technology makes the grass greener for the students

New studies show that a specially designed mobile app increases motivation and learning. “I am interested in understanding more about the role of technology in increasing motivation and learning in students” says University of Bergen researcher Lucas M. Jeno.

ERC Synergy Grant | New research
Counting on fingers

Count – and I know who you are

Humans are the only species that uses symbols to express quantities, and researchers now want to find out why number systems vary so much between cultures.

Trond Mohn Foundation 15 years
Karsten Specht, IBMP, Det psykologiske fakultet

Fascinated by the brain

When Karsten Specht came into contact with brain researchers and language therapists working with aphasia patients, things began to happen.

Doctoral Education

The doctoral education lasts for a standard period of three years and includes independent scientific work in the form of a thesis to be defended at a public defence. In addition, the organized doctoral education includes a training module (30 ects) lasting one semester.