Faculty of Psychology

Admission to the Faculty of Psychology

At the Faculty of Psychology we are happy to welcome students from all over the world. We offer various courses and master's programmes.

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Admission of exchange students

International students can apply as exchange students if they are nominated by their home universities for a period of study abroad (1 or 2 semesters).

Students apply online for admission to various short term exchange programmes.

Admission of applicants for master programmes

Degree seeking prospective students can apply for admission to master programmes taught in English by following these application procedures.

The only master programme taught in English and available for international students at the Faculty of Psychology is the Master's Programme in Global Development - Theory and Practice.

Admission to Ph.D.-programmes

We advise you to read carefully the general guidelines on how to be admitted to doctoral education at the University of Bergen, and the additional guidelines of the Faculty of Psychology if you want admission to our Ph.D.-programme.


Admission to other programmes (bachelor programmes, one-year programmes) requires high proficiency in Norwegian and information about admission is thus only available in Norwegian