Faculty of Psychology
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Faculty Board

The Faculty Board is the highest governing body at the Faculty of Psychology.

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The Faculty Board is responsible for outlining the strategy for the faculty's educational and research activities, as well as other academic activities. It shall formulate plans for the academic development in accordance with the goals set by the University Board.

The Faculty Board shall establish goals and performance requirements for the operations and is responsible for ensuring that the financial resources of the faculty are allocated in accordance with the regulations provided by the University Board. The Faculty Board shall oversee the dean's leadership of the operations and may establish guidelines for the dean.The Faculty Board shall report to the University Board on the activities of the faculty, in the manner determined by the University Board. This includes submitting an annual report on the faculty's financial status, providing an account of the results of the operations, and presenting budget proposals for the upcoming year.

In addition, the Faculty Board shall handle and decide on matters delegated by the University Board and may request to be presented with any case. The Faculty Board may delegate its authority to the dean, to the institutes, or to other bodies within the faculty unless otherwise specified in law, regulations, or decisions of the University Board. The Faculty Board shall itself handle and decide on all matters of principled or significant importance.