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Guest researchers at the Faculty of Psychology

Are you planning to invite a guest researcher?

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Inviting and hosting guest researchers is a natural and welcomed part of our academic work. It is, however, crucial to act according to our routines and procedures when planning to invite a guest.

In due time, please fill in this application form for inviting a guest researcher.

When the application is registered, it will start an approval process and activate the administrative staff involved in the tasks related to the visit. The academic host will be contacted by the administration at the department for further follow-up.

Guest researchers at UiB must be approved by the department before arrival. The guest researcher must have an academic host at the department. It is the academic host who must apply for approval of the guest researcher's stay. It will also ease the administrative routines upfront so that we can give the guest researcher the best possible welcome.

A guest researcher is a person who has been invited to stay at UiB by a member of the academic staff at a department/centre. The stay must be approved in advance by the head of department.