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Proposal support at the Faculty of Psychology

Do you need support with your research proposal? Please contact us in the local support team (BOA-team).

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We offer support to researchers who wish to apply for external research funding. Feel free to contact us for a conversation about your project idea and possible funding sources.

If you wish to submit a proposal for funding, we will kindly ask you to complete this proposal registration form. This tool aims to ensure the best possible administrative follow-up of your proposal. All applications for funding must be academically and financially approved at your department/centre. You must therefore notify your leader when you plan to submit a submit a proposal.

Where can you find information about financing options?

  • In our Newsletter for external funding which is sent by e-mail to all faculty employees (from the BOA team).
  • Sign up for our Microsoft TEAMS group "Søknadsstøtte for det psykologiske fakultet". This group is intended as a low-threshold offer for anyone interested in research or innovation funding, whether it is now or in a few years.
  • Please see the central Division of Research and Innovation for information about the various European research programs.

Applications to the European framework program for research (Horizon Europe). A declaration of participation must be filled and signed by your head of department/centre before you can submit the proposal. ASupport of applications to Horizon Europe (such as the ERC, Research and Innovation Actions, MSCA) is carried out in collaboration with the central Research and Innovation Department

How can we assist you? Key deadlines and selected support functions:

As early as possible

  • Contact the BOA team to clarify the need for support (contact information on the right). We can make a plan for application development and support until the application deadline.
  • A research advisor can assist in assessing whether the project's concept is in line with the requirements of the targeted program.

When the online portal opens

  • Create an e-application and give access to a research advisor and project economist. We can assist with quality assurance of the e-application (administrative information).

No later than 3 weeks before the deadline (for the best possible support)

  • Send an overview of costs (number and type of positions, project period and other expenses) to the project economist who assists with the preparation of the budget.
  • Send a draft of your project description for review. The research advisor gives input on whether the application is in line with the call for proposals, whether all formal criteria are met, readability and layout (1-2 rounds of evaluation).

No later than 2 weeks before the deadline

  • Approval of the final budget from the head of department (and faculty if necessary).
  • Drafting and signing of letters of intent.

The last week

  • A research advisor can assist with a final quality check of the e-application (administrative information) and relevant attachments.