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The Research Section and the BOA-team at the Faculty of Psychology offer different types of assistance regarding research applications for external funding (budgeting, proposal development, communication, HR).

Please fill out the proposal registration form to register your application. This is important for our team in order to customize our assistance and register your project at the UiB application system (PreAward). It is also important to forward the confirmation receipt to the institute leader and inform about a planned application. The quality of the assistance from the research advisors and economists depends on how early the researcher contacts the BOA-team.

We are happy to assist those of you who are considering to send research applications to Horizon Europe, the Research Council of Norway, and different regional funding opportunities. Please note that the time course for developing different types of applications varies from 6 weeks to 12 months.

Step-by-step application process at The Faculty of Psychology

Time before deadline

Contribution from
Principal Investigator

Contribution from the BOA-team

6-12 weeks

Participate at the proposal seminar to discuss research idea and let the BOA-team know that you plan to apply for funding.

Arrange an annual seminar for all researchers that plan to apply for funding from RCN or another major deadline.


8 - 6 weeks

Fill in a One-page-summary of your idea and make contact with the BOA-team and your Head of Department

Ordering consulting services.

Consulting services must be ordered well in advance due to limited capacity. The order is made in consultation with the head of administration at the department. Equity and temporary Korona funds (available until 2021) can be used for consulting services (up to NOK 40,000 per application).

«Go/No Go evaluation», a screening that can help you evaluate whether the project concept is in line with the requirements of the targeted program.

5 weeks

Open the e-application (database) and give access to  your research advisor and economist.

Quality assurance of the e-application (administrative information)

4 weeks

Development of the application, consortium building and budgeting

  • Advice regarding Building Consortium (HR) and budgeting
  • Support with dissemination and communication (Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation measures)
  • Advice with data management and privacy

4-3 weeks

Deliver a draft of the project description for Mock evaluation

  • Make a Mock evaluation and give a complete review of the application
  • Quality check of CVs

1 week

  • Completion of the e-application, project description, CVs, budget, and other relevant forms
  • Have an approval of the budget by the head of department and the faculty


Last screening and quality check of:

  • E-application (admin. information)
  • Project description, budget
  • Relevant attachments (eg CV, letter of intent, letter of support from the faculty, "Relevance to the call" summary)

Type of attachment depends on the announcement