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Professor Jeanne C. Watson, University of Toronto, is an internationally leading researcher on emotion-focused therapy and change processes in psychotherapy.
The Master's Programme in Global Development Theory and Practice (GLODE) gives you a thorough understanding of global development processes through critical evaluation of relevant theories and the contexts of sustainable human development.
Martin Lytje and Atle Dyregrov has published an article in "Death Studies." The study examines the challenges faced by teaching staff in supporting bereaved college students.
Atle Dyregrov og Martin Lytje has published a new article in "Bereavement Journal of grief and responses to death" The article argues the current approach to diagnosing complicated grief in children overlooks social and personal factors impacting their reactions and how they cope with death.
Associate professor Prudence Atukunda Friberg is co-author of the article "Long-term effects on depressive symptoms among Ugandan Mothers - Findings from a follo-up of a cluster-randomized education trial in a rural low-resource setting".
During February 2024 we offer a mini-series of three webinars dealing with hydrogen and ammonia. Join us to get valuable updates on different aspects of the current developments in hydrogen technology, economy and legislation!
This seminar was not recorded but a similar presentation by chief economist Eirik Wærness along with much more information, can be found at the Energy Perspectives webpage at Equinor.com, see the right hand column for links.
- The stories health and school personnel tell about children's suffering in Gaza and the West Bank are heartbreaking and shocking, says psychologist specialist Unni Heltne.
Researchers come to Bergen from all over the world to solve global challenges. Simon Øverland has invited some of them to tell us about some solutions for the future.
Welcome to the digital and free SDG Conference in Bergen 2024! The theme is Take a look at the programme and register today.
Did you miss Thomas Herzfelder Hansens presentation investigating the impact on engineering, manufacturing, commissioning, and farm-farm interaction due to the ongoing race for bigger turbines? Watch it here!
Did you miss Arill Hagland's talk on OneSubsea Processing's plans for developing subsea substations for offshore wind parks? Watch it here!
Did you miss our half-day seminar on European Electricity Market Design for the Future, co-organized by Bergen Energy Lab / NHH Norwegian School of Economics? Watch the presentations here!
In this presentation, Jonathan Økland Torstensen, associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, present ongoing work on optimization of hydrogen production through hydrolysis of water and pyrolysis of natural gas respectively, and discusses aspects of the two methods and their potential utillity in large scale hydrogen production.
In this presentation, Per-Oddvar Osland discusses how customer flexibility can contribute to solving challenges related to the increased pressure on the power grid, such as power peaks. The presentation will be held in Norwegian language.
We now welcome applications to host an event as part of Day Zero at the SDG Conference Bergen, 7 February 2024.
Research group SIPA is a collaborator in an exciting research project where students in junior high school are to carry out a research project within a topic that interests them.