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The UiB Magazine 2018: SLATE

Ole Marius Kvamme from UiB’s Communication Division has written about SLATE for the UiB Magazine 2018. He writes that at SLATE, researchers work to understand digital data, and to use it to better understand and support learning.

UiB Magazine 2018/2019

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“We collect and analyse data generated from learning while it happens, in order to understand different aspects of the learner, learning, and learning environments. The results are visualized for learners and teachers”, says SLATE director Barbara Wasson.

“There is digital data all around us”, says Wasson, “but this data is often not used to inform everyday practices”.

Kvamme notes that in 2018, the Research Council of Norway commissioned a case study review of Interdisciplinary research in Norway, from the Technopolis Group. The report concluded that:

“SLATE has created an inclusive, creative interdisciplinary environment with a culture of team work and open-mindedness: a platform for researchers from different disciplines to meet, set up new projects, and produce joint publications.”

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