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The Centre for Sustainable Area Management (CeSAM) is a UiB initiative to support sustainable management of our landscapes and oceans, biodiversity, and nature's benefits to people.
We focus on evidence-based decision making and consolidating cross-disciplinary research and education.

The climate crisis and simultaneous dramatic loss of biodiversity and natural resources present the greatest challenge humanity has faced.

As the human environmental footprint and our appropriation of the earth's resources exceed sustainable limits, yet continue to grow, we need to rethink our view on, and interactions with nature. We must acknowledge that land, area itself, is a basic and limited resource.

At the same time, we must acknowledge and embrace the fact that we cannot separate or isolate nature from people. Nature and people coexist in both natural and human-dominated landscapes, and we must govern the land so as to optimise this coexsistence of biodiversity, and ecosystems, and people.

This requires that we develop multifunctional landscapes, rather than optimising landscapes for a single function or use. Competing land uses will create increasing conflict in years to come.

CeSAM works toward generating and providing knowledge of which trade-offs and synergies exist, and how these can be handled legally, socially and ecologically to the benefit of nature and people. 

CeSAM 2023
Katja Malmborg explains the IPBES Nature Futures Framework

A year in review: CeSAMs activities in 2023

As the days are slowly getting longer, we take a moment to reflect on our achievements from last year.

Stortingsmelding 2024
View over mountainous coastal landscape with a lot of houses, buildings, roads and other infrastructure.

Natur og klima - innspill til regjeringen

Klima- og miljødepartementet leder arbeidet med to stortingsmeldinger som skal legges fra ila. 2024; en om naturmangfold for å følge opp den internasjonale naturavtalen, og en om klima fram mot 2035 på veien mot lavutslippssamfunnet i 2050. UNESCO Chair Inger Måren har bidratt med innspill til...

Screenshot of an online meeting. A screen is shared, showing a digital board with colourful post-it notes scattered across it. In the top right corner three female facillitators are present in three squares on top of eachother.

Day Zero: Future Visions For Nature Workshop

February 7th the Centre for Sustainable Area Management (CeSAM) and the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management hosted a student work shop during Day Zero of the 2024 Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) Conference.

Cheatsheet in Sami

Lihkku beivviin sámi álbmogii!

Our cheat sheet to the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity Framework is getting widely shared, which is great news. To celebrate Sámi National day, it is now also available in Sámi.

project kick-off
Group of people lined up outdoors, smiling. Hose and trees in background.

BECOME project meets in France

BECOME had its first in-person meeting in France 15-17 January 2024, in Fontainebleau Biosphere Reserve and in Paris.

Traditional and modern land use - here from the 1970s in south-western Norway