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On November 27, UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management and CeSAM researcher Inger Måren represented the University of Bergen at the government's hearing for two upcoming reports to the Norwegian parliament; one on biodiversity and one on climate.
Agricultural activity in Norway has been decreasing since the 1950’s, leaving substantial areas of agricultural land abandoned. These lands are typically left to naturally regrow, or they are planted with Norwegian native tree species to mitigate atmospheric carbon. But how do these changes impact different ecosystem services? UNESCO Chair and CESAM affiliated researchers have investigated what... Read more
Did you miss Arill Hagland's talk on OneSubsea Processing's plans for developing subsea substations for offshore wind parks? Watch it here!
CeSAM is looking for PhD Research Fellow in Ecosystem Services, to measure and understand patterns of ecosystem service demand across Norwegian society.
A new paper in Nature Scientific Data offer a comprehensive exploration of food plants and human indicators found in fossil pollen records. This new paper developed by Suzette Flantua (researcher and CESAM member at Dept. of Biological Sciences) creates an invaluable resource for interdisciplinary research aiming to reconstruct human history over long time scales.
Did you miss our half-day seminar on European Electricity Market Design for the Future, co-organized by Bergen Energy Lab / NHH Norwegian School of Economics? Watch the presentations here!
In this presentation, Jonathan Økland Torstensen, associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, present ongoing work on optimization of hydrogen production through hydrolysis of water and pyrolysis of natural gas respectively, and discusses aspects of the two methods and their potential utillity in large scale hydrogen production.
In this presentation, Per-Oddvar Osland discusses how customer flexibility can contribute to solving challenges related to the increased pressure on the power grid, such as power peaks. The presentation will be held in Norwegian language.
Did you miss this seminar, where member of the Energy Commission, Liv Monica Stubholt, presented some of the central element in the commission's report? Watch it here!
Did you miss Gerard A Virgili's presentation on optimizing energy supply of a Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) to reduce the carbon footprint? Watch the presentation here!
On June 1st Nordhordland UNESCO Biosphere Reserve arranged their first ever Biosphere Day together with the UNESCO Chair Group at UiB. There was a programme from noon to evening, full of content about ongoing and concluded research in the area, in addition to interesting themes on sustainability relevant to the region.
On May 16 BIO held its annual Student Poster Symposium, inviting students from seven different courses to present their work and exhibit posters. One of the courses participating in the poster symposium was SDG215: Life on Land, taught by Inger Måren.
Did you miss Dhayalan Velauthapillai's BEL Lunch seminar presenting on research on nanomaterials for solar cells, Hydrogen and energy storage applications at Western Norway University of Applied Science? Watch it here!
Did you miss Finn Gunnar Nielsens presentation of NVE's report on new areas for renewable energy production at sea? Watch it here! Please note that the presentation was given in Norwegian language.
Did you miss Kristin Margrethe Flornes presentation of Eviny's pilot project from PILOT-E to develop solutions for increased flexibility in the power system? Watch it here!
In this presentation, Ingvald Torblå, CEO of Odda Technology, presents the plans and current status of the Green energy project Hardanger Hydrogen Hub.
PhD candidate Jarrod Cusens, connected to the UNESCO Chair and CESAM, is defending his thesis "Mapping the Connections" on Monday April 24.