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The Executive Secretary of the Intergovernmental panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Dr. Anne Larigauderie, will receive an Honorary Doctorate at the University of Bergen on May 24th. CeSAM are pleased and honored to have assisted UiB with the scientific program around this visit. Anne will be present in Bergen from May 22nd – 25th, and there will be several opportunities to hear... Read more
We are excited to welcome two new PhD students in CeSAM; Janne Thomsen and Marte Klemetsdal will both be working closely within the CeSAM community.
The University of Bergen's communication section has an overview of local experts on various topic. We have now included CeSAM researchers in these lists, especially under the heading 'Nature deal, IPBES (naturpanelet), Nature Crisis and Natural Resources'.
Tundra ecosystems hold vast amounts of carbon, which is projected to be released into the atmosphere under climate warming. Researchers from the department of Biological Sciences contributed to this important and alarming new paper in Nature, led by researchers from Umeå University in Sweden.
As the days are slowly getting longer, we take a moment to reflect on our achievements from last year.
Klima- og miljødepartementet leder arbeidet med to stortingsmeldinger som skal legges fra ila. 2024; en om naturmangfold for å følge opp den internasjonale naturavtalen, og en om klima fram mot 2035 på veien mot lavutslippssamfunnet i 2050. UNESCO Chair Inger Måren har bidratt med innspill til regjeringen på vegne av CeSAM, Nordhordland UNESCO biosfæreområde, og den norske MAB-komiteen.
Our cheat sheet to the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity Framework is getting widely shared, which is great news. To celebrate Sámi National day, it is now also available in Sámi.
February 7th the Centre for Sustainable Area Management (CeSAM) and the UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management hosted a student work shop during Day Zero of the 2024 Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) Conference.
During February 2024 we offer a mini-series of three webinars dealing with hydrogen and ammonia. Join us to get valuable updates on different aspects of the current developments in hydrogen technology, economy and legislation!
This seminar was not recorded but a similar presentation by chief economist Eirik Wærness along with much more information, can be found at the Energy Perspectives webpage at Equinor.com, see the right hand column for links.
On December 5th, CeSAM and the UNESCO chair group organized a workshop for students and early career researchers - tying in with IPBES (Naturpanelet) holding a meeting in Bergen in the same week.
Did you miss Thomas Herzfelder Hansens presentation investigating the impact on engineering, manufacturing, commissioning, and farm-farm interaction due to the ongoing race for bigger turbines? Watch it here!
On November 27, UNESCO Chair for Sustainable Heritage and Environmental Management and CeSAM researcher Inger Måren represented the University of Bergen at the government's hearing for two upcoming reports to the Norwegian parliament; one on biodiversity and one on climate.
Agricultural activity in Norway has been decreasing since the 1950’s, leaving substantial areas of agricultural land abandoned. These lands are typically left to naturally regrow, or they are planted with Norwegian native tree species to mitigate atmospheric carbon. But how do these changes impact different ecosystem services? UNESCO Chair and CESAM affiliated researchers have investigated what... Read more
Did you miss Arill Hagland's talk on OneSubsea Processing's plans for developing subsea substations for offshore wind parks? Watch it here!
CeSAM is looking for PhD Research Fellow in Ecosystem Services, to measure and understand patterns of ecosystem service demand across Norwegian society.
A new paper in Nature Scientific Data offer a comprehensive exploration of food plants and human indicators found in fossil pollen records. This new paper developed by Suzette Flantua (researcher and CESAM member at Dept. of Biological Sciences) creates an invaluable resource for interdisciplinary research aiming to reconstruct human history over long time scales.