Department of Earth Science
Administration GEO

Administration at GEO

GEO's administration consists of 8 persons:

 Head of Administration,

Andrea Grimnes phone 555 83300, e-mail:Andrea.Grimnes@uib.no

Research coordinator

Network coordinator for iEarth

Economy administration Geo:

The Economy section for our department is located at the Faculty administration 1.st floor RFB

Read more under: "Whom can help with what


HR-day-today running and HSE-administration Geo:

Study administration Geo:


K.G.Jebsen Center for Deep Sea Reserach

Whom can help with what?


GEO has designated staff who will help you if you need to order food or other products to be financed by UiB funding or project funding administered by UiB.

  • Mareile Andersson (Supplies, flowers, refreshments)
  • Trine Lise Stjernholm (Dept. arrangements, Operational, Drift, Access etc)
  • Ole Meyer (electronic, field equipment)
  • Stig Monsen (field/cruise)
  • Leo Zijerveld (ITprogram, lisenses)
  • Øyvind Natvik (data- equipment,-supplies)
  • Hildegunn Almelid (Lab. equipment)
  • Lars Evje (Lab. equipment)
  • Eivind Støren (Lab. equipment)
  • Anna Kieu-Diem Tran (Lab. equipment Farlab)
  • Anita-Elin Fedøy (GeoMikrobiologi lab)
  • Stig Vågenes (NORMAR Drift og Marineholmen Drift)
  • Ole Tumyr (Large equipment)


You can book all rooms yourself, GEO rooms in outlook, Kvart-Sitten and Steinbiten from one of us in the administration

  • Ida Marie Gabrielsen (schedules and teaching-related)
  • Anders Kulseng (Booking bachelor og ph.d. related)
  • Emilie Randeberg (booking master related)
  • Anne Stensland (Meetings/seminars)
  • Mareile Andersson (evening events, meetins)
  • Trine Lise Stjernholm (evening events/seminars)

Rooms available


Hotel and Transport

The department policy is that all employees book their own travels. You can do this by going to the Berg-Hansen website (https://www.berg-hansen.no/), set up a profile, and book your trip. If you use your own credit card you should get your travel claims reimbursement before repayment is due. You can also call Berg-Hansen - they will help your guests as well 0 08050

Travel? Here is a link for tips/info if you're hosting something: http://www.uib.no/foransatte/45383/arrangementsst%C3%B8tte 
Recommends using webgate or Berg-Hansen ordering hotels and travel.

But if you want to do this yourself, we deal with these chains:
Nordic Choice Hotels, og Scandic Hotels

Travel Agency, Flights and Car rental

Research coordinator


1) Collection and dissemination of information on national and international funding opportunities.
2) Project proposal support: writing, budgeting, contract establishment.
3) Project reports and evaluations of  scientific activities in which the department is involved.
4) Monitoring and analysis of project results and evaluation of research strategies


Health Safedy and Environment (HSE)

webpages HSE

Ole Tumyr is HSE Coordinator

Siv Hjorth Dundas Safety Representative at Geo

Eivind Støren is deputy Safety representative

Haflidi Haflidason is Radiation Coordinator

Hildegunn.Almelid/Martina S.Hamre Chemical responsible/waste


HR and day-to-day

  • Mareile: mail/packages, TNT, telephone, reception, procurement of supplies, roombooking kveldsarrangement, kaffemaskin, vannmaskin, service kopimaskin
  • Trine Lise: Earth Science, area- and information officer, Purchase of furnitures aso., Webeditor for Geo, HR - HSE -consultant, Reception newly employed, registrer business travels/sick leave into Paga, Geo events, info Geoviten


What - Who - How?

Welcome to Geo


Access to our Labs

To get access to our labs follow our procedures;

Employees at Geo; please contact technical laboratory responsible for HSE training on current lab

Masterstudenter; Contact your supervisor if it is necessary to have access to the lab, then contact technical laboratory responsible for HSE training, the supervisor must sign the form, return the form to technical lab responsible to take copies of the forms and deliver the original to Trine Lise (shelf)

Technical team leader: Ole Tumyr

Laboratorytechnical laboratory responsible
TIMS-Clean LabYuval Ronen
BiogeochemistryHildegunn Almelid
Uranium LabStein-Erik Lauritzen
ICP-MSSiv Hjorth Dundas
Chrushing roomMartina S. Hamre
Core ScannerEivind Støren
Earth Lab chronologyEivind Støren
Thin Section LabIrina Dumitru
Heavy LiquidMartina S. Hamre
Sediment LabEivind Støren
Kosmo LabLars Evje
Raman LabIrini Dumitru
X-rayOle Tumyr
Paleomag. LabOle Tumyr
Isotop OpptakslabDesiree Roerdink
Farlab - DI-labPål-Tore Mørkved
Farlab - DI-CF labPål-Tore Mørkved
Farlab - Prep. LabPål-Tore Mørkved
Farlab - GassromPål-Tore Mørkved
Earth-lab CT-labEivind Støren
Laboratory for Electron MicroscopyIrene Heggstad


Book time at our labs at Geo: Any use of laboratories and instruments will be registered in the new ordering system.

Booking to our instruments here.

Wiki before booking here.

Laboratory Facilities


Egenmelding og Ferie - disse registrerer du inn selv i Personalportalen Paga (husk Ferie skal forhånd godkjennes av naturlig overordnet før registrering; eks teknsik ansatte avtaler med Teknisk gruppeleder, PhD avtaler med veilederen sin etc)

Sykmelding - del c og del d skal leveres signert til Trine Lise/posthyllen

Feltarbeid/Tokt - egne skjema skal fylles ut - skjema finner du her. Feltskjema for studenter samles og levers i kassett i resepsjonen Geo

Tjenestereiser/kurs og andre hele møtedager sendes inn til Post@geo.uib.no eller levere skjema i posthyllen til Trine Lise, skjema finnes ferdig printet på postrommet)