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Access to our labs

For å få tilgang på våre labber gjelder følgende prosedyrer;

Ansatte ved Geo; Ta kontakt med teknisk laboratorie ansvarlig for HMS opplæring på gjeldende lab

Masterstudenter; Ta kontakt med din veileder om det er aktuelt å ha tilgang på lab, deretter kontaktes teknisk labansvarlig for HMS opplæring på lab, veileder må signere skjemaet, skjemaet returneres til teknisk lab ansvarlig som tar kopi av skjema og leverer orginalen til Trine Lise (hylle)

Teknisk gruppeleder: Ole Tumyr

LaboratoriumTechn. Lab.responsible
TIMS-Clean LabYuval Ronen
BiogeochemistryHildegunn Almelid
Uranium LabStein-Erik Lauritzen
ICP-MSSiv Hjorth Dundas
Chrushing roomLeif-Erik Rydland Pedersen
Core ScannerEivind Støren
Earth Lab chronologyEivind Støren
Thin Section LabIrina Dumitru
Heavy LiquidLeif-Erik Rydland Pedersen
Sediment LabEivind Støren
Kosmo LabLars Evje
Raman LabIrina Dumitru
X-rayOle Tumyr
Paleomag. LabOle Tumyr
Isotop OpptakslabDesiree Roerdink
Farlab - DI-labPål-Tore Mørkved
Farlab - DI-CF labPål-Tore Mørkved
Farlab - Prep. LabPål-Tore Mørkved
Farlab - GassromPål-Tore Mørkved
Earth-lab CT-labEivind Støren
ElektronmikrosondeIrene Heggstad


Booking of labs at Geo: All bruk av laboratorier og instrumenter skal registreres i det nye
bestillersystemet. Bestillinger gjøres her.

Wiki før bestilling her.

Laboratory Facilities


All orders, including costs related to meetings, posters, printing, language washing and books must be done in UiB ordering system.  Procurement.

Procedure on how to order journeys of education/teaching, accommodation for opponents that has to be paid via e-invoice.

  1. Request a written offer for desired journey/accommodation (dates, times, price) from the supplier (ex. G Travel/ phone 40100170 hotel/flight/boat/bus). 
  2. Suppliers may request a PM number. Please inform them that this will be provided through our ordering system. More information about PM number here. 
  3. Once you have received an offer per email that matches your needs, the offer and charging information are sent to one of our booking responsible. 
  4. The booking responsible carries through the booking process in accordance with the received offer. He/she will also send you the confirmation when the booking is confirmed

Booking of personal business travels see UiBs procedures here.


GEO has the following regular "orders" to be used for all orders at GEO:

Mareile Andersson (Supplies, Flowers, conference meals, Disputas)
Trine Lise Stjernholm (Inst. Arrangement, Furniture, Operation, Access, etc.)
Ole Meyer (electronics, field equipment)
Stig Monsen (field / tour)
Leo Zijerveld (programs, licenses)
Øyvind Natvik (data equipment, supplies)
Anna Kieu-Diem Tran (Lab equipment Farlab)
Hildegunn Almelid (Lab equipment)
Lars Evje (lab equipment)
Eivind Støren (Lab equipment)
Anita-Elin Fedøy (GeoMicrobiology lab - permisjon til aug. 20)
Stig Vågenes (NORMAR Drift and Marineholmen Drift)
Franck Andersen (EPOS)
Ole Tumyr (Larger equipment)

Other questions regarding order and payment - see FAQ here.

Who does what in the administrasjonen

UiB library pages


PagaWeb - PERSONALPORTALEN - Innsending av reiseregninger, ferie-, fravær-,  og permisjonssøknad og tilgang til egne personalopplysninger

Profil på UiB web - Ansatte oppdaterer selv egen profil på web

Lag din egen UiB blogg

Skrive ut til printer/kopimaskin: \\print\pullprintricoh

Intranett ved UiB


Lokale IT-tjenester

BRITA Registrerer problem/spørsmål

Innmelding av saker - Issue Tracker til Teknisk Fellesavdeling,

Lydia - Innmelding av drift- og transportoppgaver til EiA

SEBRA - Sentral brukeradministrasjon


Wireless network (from personal laptop – up to three days)

UiB-guest trådløst nett for gjester

VPN (to connect your own computer to a (PullPrint) printer or UiB home share folder)

Intern telefonkatalog

Telefonkatalogen / gule side

Telefonkatalogen bedrift



This page is established for the following purposes:

  • As an application for travel permit (no response = permit granted)
  • Give the expedition and administration an overview over employees travelling, thereby also being able to offer better service when meeting enquiries
  • Give an overview over any GEO employees present in an area struck by hazards etc, and make it possible to quickly find out if they need assistance

How to use this page:

Travels to be reimbursed must be reported on this page, also other leave for one day and more
Planned travels may be registered in advance (i.e. when ordering the travel); on the day of travel at the latest
The shortest registration is for one-day travels (departure date = return date)
If the purpose is field work or cruise, instructions for these activities must be followed, such as handing in the field work form - see link below

Form of absence

Form and info: Fieldwork and Research cruises

Travel Agency, Flights, Rent a car aso

Policy:The department policy is that all employees book their own travels. You can do this by going to the G Travel website (G Travel Feide pålogging), set up a profile, and book your trip. If you use your own credit card you should get your travel claims reimbursement before repayment is due. You can also call G Travel - they will help your guests as well 


At GEO we get many guests and we are happy! Of course, in order for the guest stay to be as rewarding as possible, each guest must have a contact person, and therefore a checklist has been prepared for you as contact person so that you know what needs to be arranged by practical things before and after the guest has arrived. Fill out the checklist, sign and send the list to the administration post@geo.uib.no as soon as you have all the necessary information so that the administration can make the preparations needed. This is also about regarding distribution of office space, HSE, insurance (see group listed under bullet point 2) etc.
WHO does this apply?

  • ALL visitors who should be more than 3 days MUST be registered (ie this applies to eg PhD candidates who are employed elsewhere but are here for a long time)
  • Anyone who has worked at GEO and where the contract expires (for example, has completed the grant for PhD / post doc or is midway between contracts) must apply to keep office / IT account / keys etc., and MUST be registered as guests

Please: Filll in the form

Guesthousing rental - for more info and electronic application form, take a look here.


Information to new employees:

Welcome to Geo

What - Who - How?