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Preparations for travelling, credit card, booking using a travel agent, travel insurance and settlement of travel expenses.

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Credit Card

Permanent and temporary employees at UiB may apply for the credit card Eurocard. This is a corporate credit card to be registered in the name of the employee. The card is to be used for work-related travel expenses. The card cannot be used for payment of private expenses. Invoices will be sent to and must be paid by the cardholder. UiB's previous agreement with Diners is no longer valid.

Eurocard can be used globally and includes a travel insurance.

Ordering a credit card



The application is submittet to the credit card company which forwards it for approval at your unit.


Credit Card Use

By using the card you may be insured. Please therefore register the card number at Berg-Hansen.

  1. Log in with Berg-Hansen
  2. Click on Profile
  3. In the right hand column, click on Credit Card
  4. Fill in credit card information

Register your credit card in The Norwegian Agency for Public and Financial Management (DFØ). This way your credit card transactions may be found for direct transfer to your travel expense account.

Further information on travel insurance

If you use your credit card for the main part of your journey and use public transportation, you are insured by the credit card company. Considering that the state is self-insured, the budgeting unit at UiB saves a lot of money if a loss or an accident occurs.

Eurocard travel insurance