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Preparations for travelling, credit card, booking using a travel agent, travel insurance and settlement of travel expenses.

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Settlement of travel expenses

Compensation of travel expenses and presentation of travel accounts.

Travel expenses, meals and benefits

Expenses for, meals, overnight stay and other expenses incurred for business travel are covered according to the rules, rates and identification requirements stated in the Special agreement for domestic travel (NO) or Special agreement for travel abroad (NO).

The HR department has prepared a Information about travel compensation which describes the rules regarding compensation for travelling time, domestic and international travel. 

Travel expense claim

Employees must register a travel expense claim after the journey is completed using the self service portal. Receipts from the journey must be uploaded to the claim one by one. The travel expense claim must be presented at the latest 1 month after the end of the journey.

For flights, there must be confirmation that the flight has been completed (boarding card or flown receipt from Berg-Hansen).

External employees must use the Payme (Employee page) and forward this together with original receipts to the Salary office with instructions.

Foreign citizens can if required have their travel expenses paid in cash card at the salary office, Kalfarveien 31. Please make an appointment in advance.