Department of Earth Science

Funding Application and Project Support

GEO's administration, together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and UiB’s BOA team, provides guidance and assistance to the academic staff.

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Anne Fjellbirkeland (main contact from 2023)

Linling Chen (2019 -)

Research coordinator
  • Pre-award support: information, advice, training, analysis and evaluation of research and innovation opportunities, practial support
  • Post-award support: collaboration agreement preparation, call for kick-off meeting for newly funded projects
Andrea Grimnes Head of Administration
  • Pre-award support: approval of project budget and in-kind contribution from GEO
  • Post-award support: administrative responsible for externally financed projects, (co)signing contract and/or collaboration agreement
Vivian Stegen JacobsenHuman resources
  • Recruitment and general HR issues
Economy section at MN-faculty *Financial officer
  • Budget planning and financial management

* Please contact the research coordinator for further information.