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Please contact the research coordinator for further information.

Horizon Europe 2021-2027

Horizon Europe is the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation with a budget of €95.5 billion. It tackles climate change, helps to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and boosts the EU’s competitiveness and growth. Work programmes set out funding opportunities under Horizon Europe (see structure shown below). 

Work programme under Horizon Europe

For more information, please check the links below or contact the local research advisor at GEO.

Norwegian Research Council

1. Research projects

  • Researcher Project for Scientific Renewal: 36-72 month, min.4MNOK research funding.
  • Researcher Project for Young Research Talents: 36-72 month 4-8MNOK research funding. Project manager must have an approved doctorate and the period between the date of defence of the doctoral dissertation and the application deadline may be between 2 and 7 years; and younger than 40 years old on the date of the application submission deadline.
  • Three-year Researcher Project with International Mobility: 36 month resarch funding for researchers at the post-doctoral level who are to spend two years at a research organisation abroad and the third year at a research organisation in Norway.

2. Collaborative and Knowledge-building Project

  • Knowledge-building Project for Industry: 24-48 month, min.4MNOK funding for collaboration between research organisations and stakeholders from outside the research sector that represent societal and/or industry needs for knowledge and research competence.
  • Collaborative Project to meet Societal and Industry-related Challenges: 24-48 month, min.4MNOK funding for collaboration between research organisations and stakeholders from outside the research sector that represent societal and/or industry needs for knowledge and research competence.

3. Research mobility grants

  • Research Stays Abroad for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellows: 3-12 month research stay abroad for doctoral and postdoctoral fellowship-holders who are wholly or partially funded by the Research Council and affiliated with an ongoing project for a period of minimum 24. 
  • Research Stays Abroad for Researchers: 3-12 month resarch stay at a research organisation abroad for researchers.
  • Research Stays in Norway for Visiting Researchers: funding is available for researchers from other countries to carry out a 1-12 month research stay at a Norwegian research organisation. 
  • The Aurora and DAAD Mobility Programmes – Researcher Exchange for New Collaboration between Norway and France/Germany (usually covers 1 week travel expeses). Note: both countries must submit two separate grant applications.

4. Research and Education

  • INTERPART International Partnerships for Excellent Education, Research and Innovation: 60 month, 10MNOK funding to support the establishment and further development of formalized institutional cooperation on research and higher education between Norway and Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea and the USA. In this call, funding may also be sought for partnerships with Germany and France.

5. Research Centers

6. Funding for other activities

Other external funding agency

  • HK-dir - The Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills provides funding for education-related activities.
  • NORDFORSK: there is no regular call for proposal for research project, but open calls can be found here.
  • The Thond Mohn Foundation privides funds for 4-year research starting grant to assist the University of Bergen in recruiting young national or international candidates with outstanding academic merit and research potential (age limit is 40).
  • The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters provides funds for 1-year curiosity-driven research in Oslo (CAS project) and 2-year research fellowship (Young CAS Fellow). 
  • The Olav Thon Foundation - provides scientific awards and research support
  • The Belmont Forum: there is no regular call for proposal for research project, but open calls can be found here.
  • The Åsgård exchange program provides mobility grants to researchers, professionals between academia and business, and administrative staff at research environments.  
  • Equinor (throught the Akademiaavtalen with UiB) offers travel support, fieldcourse development, and research projects. 
  • UH-nett Vest provides seed money for network, project development, and dissemination of research-based knowledge. Read more here
  • DKNVS foundation is supporting small research projects, scientific travel & fieldwork, and seminars & conferences. Read more here.
  • The University of the Arctic (UArctic) provides funding for networking projects in Arctic research and education. Read more here
  • The Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study supports projects carried out by researchers at UC Berkeley in collaboration with researchers from nine Norwegian universities. Funds are made available for 2 academic years, and can support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, activities such as PhD student exchanges, longer-term stays for Principal Investigators, the collection and analysis of data, and other core research activities.
  • NORAD grants funding to organisations within civil society, research, higher education and private sector development that work with partners in poor countries. Open calls can be found here.
  • The Fulbright scholarship is awarded to: a) students who wish to complete all or part of a master's or doctoral degree in the USA, and b) researchers who plans to have a research stay or to be a guest lecturer in the USA.

University of Bergen

1. PES: support for project estabilishment (PES) towards upcoming Horizon Europe applications. 

2. SPIRE provides: 1) seed money to initiate or develop international research collaborations NOT linked to Horizon Europe (max rate pr proposal is 200 000 NOK); 2) Funding to invite guest researchers for 1-3 months (max rate pr month pr proposal is 15 000 NOK). Please note that due to the Covid-19 situation, call text has been changed. 

3. Momentum is UiB’s flagship development programme for early stage researchers - postdocs, forsker or førsteamanuensis – who wish to pursue an academic career at a research university.

4. Erasmus+ Mobility Grant: All employees at the University of Bergen can receive a scholarship for exchange to an institution, organization or university in Europe through Erasmus +.

  • For lecturers, incl. PhD, PostDocs and temporarily employed staff, the mobility grant provides good opportunities to establish and maintain contact with foreign colleagues and educational institutions in EU countries in addition to Iceland, Lichtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. https://www.uib.no/foransatte/92415/erasmus-undervisningsmobilitet
  • For all employees, including technical-administrative staff and research fellows, the mobility grant can help you to gain training, new knowledge and new experiences through exchanges, in addition to increasing international cooperation between UiB and European institutions in EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. https://www.uib.no/foransatte/92416/erasmus-tilsettmobilitet

5. With UiB idé students and researchers can test and develop their innovation ideas. Students can get up to NOK 100 000, and researchers NOK 500 000. You will also get advice from professional advisers. Read more about the program at uib.no/ide.

6. Other funds at UiB (support activities such as travel, sabbatical leave, outreach, participating/organizing scientific conferences, educational development through testing and research into new teaching and learning forms, etc.): https://www.uib.no/foransatte/123573/fond-og-legater