Department of Earth Science

Research groups at Department of Earth Science (GEO)

Department of Earth Science (GEO)'s overall goal is to develop new knowledge of the Earth's structure, formation history and the driving forces for its dynamic behavior.

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The research activities at the department of Earth Science (GEO) are concentrated in thematic groups;


Research group and leaders:

Quaternary geology and Paleo ClimateUlysses Ninnemann, Deputy: Nele Meckler

Geochemistry & GeobiologySteffen Leth Jørgensen, Deputy: Bjarte Hannisdal

Geodynamics and Basin StudiesRitske Huismans, Deputy: Berit Oline B. Hjelstuen

Geophysics: Mathilde B. Sørensen, Deputy: Einar Iversen


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We participate in the following:

  • FME (Centre for Environment-Friendly Energy Research)
  • CGER (Norwegian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research)