Department of Earth Science

Health- Safety- and Environment (HSE)

Department of Earth Science (Geo) aims to promote research, education and dissemination of research results at a high professional level. By ensuring the employees good, safe and personality developmental tasks to Geo creating a work environment that encourages the employees to be creative, constructive and critical. The working environment should promote employability, teaching health and well-being, and protect against work-related illness, industrial accidents and environmental harmful emissions / waste.

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 GEO - goals
  • At the Department of Earth Science, we want a work environment where staff and students can do their best, and that work is perceived as stimulating and healing. This means that: Departmental staff shall be encouraged to be quality conscious     the psychosocial work environment in the department should be inclusive and characterized by openness, friendliness, courtesy and willingness to cooperate
  • Institute should have a working environment where employees or students do not develop work-related illness or affected by workplace accidents     
  • Institute should have a good safety skills and clear organization of HSE work     department staff should have well-defined tasks employment will be made so that there is potential for further development and capacity building staff and students will show respect for each other.