Department of Earth Science


Fields and cruises in the Department of Earth Science

Do you lead or participate in field research cruise? Then you must know this.

At the Department of Earth Science it is big field and expedition activities throughout the year. It is essential that all who participate in this type of activities are updated on what the routines for safety are in general, and what comes of policies and guidelines before, during and after the field work and research cruises. On this page you can find all relevant information and links associated with HSE in the field and research cruises.

Field Managers / Cruise leaders and participants in the field and sorties required to familiarize themselves with key policy fields and expeditions, safety rules for fields (for research cruises the company is responsible for security), and other relevant information specific for that field work / the mission.

Field Managers / Cruise leaders are also obliged to ensure that management has adequate information about travel details, and that it is delivered field card for all participants. In an emergency situation, it is very important that the department has information about relatives who may be contacted.

Prior to the fieldwork should the leader / field supervisor also conduct a briefing meeting with the HSE coordinator, where the theme is transport, field nature of the work, risks are assessed and the measures implemented, emergency preparedness, as well as any information / training given to participants before implementation of fields.