The HSE-gateway

Fieldwork and Research cruises

Fieldwork and research cruises shall be conducted in accordance with HSE principles.

At fieldwork and research cruises academic activities are conducted outside UiB's ordinary place of work/study. The UiB "Guidelines for health, safety and environment at fieldwork and research cruises" apply to staff and students at UiB.

Fieldwork and research cruises may involve a risk of human injury and/or environmental damage. Risk factors associated with fieldwork and research cruises must be mapped by means of a risk assessment before the fieldwork or research cruise starts. To reduce the risk factors precautionary procedures shall be drawn up and steps taken to reduce the risk factors.

Before departure Field Cards must be filled out to provide a complete overview of all the participants on the fieldwork or research cruise.

UiB's cooperation agreements

Where employees with different employers or students from different educational institutions participate in joint fieldwork or research cruises, it must be decided prior to the fieldwork or research cruise which employer/institution has the overall HSE responsibility. As a minimum, UiB staff and students shall comply with UiB’s Guidelines for health, safety and environment at fieldwork and research cruises.