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Below is a list of all current environmental contacts at UiB and their respective faculties and divisions.

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The task of the environmental contacts is to support managment in their eco-lighthouse work, or to have that responsibility delegated to them.

Environmental contacts at UiB shall:

  • Advice on and facilitate the environmental work done at the faculties and divisions.
  • Support and promote environmentally friendly activities at the faculties/divisions.
  • Help ensure that the environmental work is included in management training.  
  • Coordinate the mapping of sub-units’ environmental impact and promote environmental actions.
  • Support the environmental coordinator in advancing actions connected to the environmental goals of UiB.
  • On behalf of the faculty management or the director of a division coordinate the sub-units’ environmental work.
  • Report on the result of the environmental work at the units to the environmental coordinator.
  • Be informed about the environmental work at the university, and have a level of competence in leading environmental work.  

Environmental contacts

Karoline Aksnes, Faculty of Law

Nina RailoFaculty of Humanities

Gjert Bakkevold/Bård Kjetil Sværi, Faculty of Medicine

Trude Færevaag/Lene Seim, University of Bergen Library

Wenche Karin FørreUniversity Museum of Bergen

Gudrun HorveiFaculty of Social Sciences

Inger Johanne FjellangerFaculty of Matematics and Natural Sciences
Eva-Lena Nordmann/Solveig Siqveland Nilsen, Sars internasjonale senter for marin molekylærbiologisk forskning

Eli Winther/Kari Lid Skodje, Faculty of Psychology

Bjarte Bjørkum, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design

Environmental contacts at administrative units

Stine Jørgensen Bjarnar, Financial Services

Jostein Mork, IT-department

Steinar Sundberg/Helene Wiken, Estate and Facilities Management division

Synnøve Palmstrøm, Division of Research Administration

Ole Marius Kvamme, Communication Division

Bodil Aga, Division of Student Affairs

Ann Mari Ollila Hilmen, HR Division