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Frequently asked questions - Purchases and procurements

The tabs below contain answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about purchases and procurements.

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General questions

1.When should we contact the procurement office?

The procurement office should be contacted in the following cases:

  • Any purchase with an estimated value exceeding or close to 100.000 NOK (VAT exclusive)
  • Establishing a new framework agreement
  • Conducting mini-competitions under an existing framework agreement
  • Questions and problems relating to existing purchase contracts
  • Issues with a supplier, such as warranty issues or faulty goods/services

2.Can we collect tender ourselves?

For smaller purchases not exceeding 100.000 NOK (VAT exclusive), tenders can be collected without assistance from the procurement office.

All individual purchases with an estimated value exceeding 100.000 NOK (VAT exclusive) must be executed with assistance from the procurement office, and the procurement office will handle the collection of tenders.

Before contacting the procurement office, we often advise conducting market research to find out what goods/services are available, and to estimate the cost of the procurement. Such research is not the same as conducting a tender competition. If contacting suppliers directly, always make it clear that the information requested is for market research only, for use in preparation of a competition.

Procurements with an estimated value under 100.000 NOK (VAT exclusive) can normally be carried out without assistance from the procurement office, by collecting tenders from suppliers directly. To ensure making a good purchase in terms of both quality and cost, always research what products are available in advance, and consider tenders from more than one supplier.

3.Can we subdivide a purchase of goods/services to avoid the 100.000 NOK threshold?

Subdividing purchases with the aim of avoiding procurements thresholds is not allowed under procurement law and regulations. Equipment that is clearly connected cannot be purchased separately with the aim of avoiding procurement regulations.

If ordering under a framework agreement, however, orders can be subdivided.

4.Why can't I see prices on the website?

The individual pricing of goods /services are considered trade secrets under law and therefore cannot be published openly on our websites. Prices can be found in the contracts on avtaleportalen (available to purchasers), and in relevant catalogues in Basware PM.

5.How do I answer suppliers/salepeople who contact me?

UiB has entered into several framework agreements, and is obligated to adhere to these when purchasing goods/services covered by a framework agreement. For individual purchases, the UiB is obligated to consider several tenders and ensure suppliers are treated in a fair and equal way. Therefore, if suppliers contact you directly, please turn them down or refer them to the procurement office.

Framework agreements

1.What is a framework agreement?

Framework agreements set the terms and conditions for purchases covered by the agreement during the contract period. Establishing framework agreements help ensure fair conditions relating to cost, service and warranty for UiB. Framework agreements also put UiB in a better position to influence suppliers to ensure human rights and workers’ rights, and to push for sustainable development and higher environmental standards. Framework agreements can be entered into with one or more suppliers. As a rule, they cannot last longer than 4 years total.

2.What is a "call-off" under a framework agreement?

“Call-off” is the term used for placing an order under a framework agreement.

3.What framework agreements have UiB entered into?

For an overview of UiB’s framework agreements, please check Avtaleportalen. Note that the terms and conditions of framework agreements will vary. Agreements can include several suppliers, have different routines for placing and order and various internal routines on how to proceed. It is therefore important that the purchaser make themselves familiar with the specific terms of the relevant agreement. Catalogues are used under some framework agreement, either external or internal catalogues.

4.How do I place an order under a framework agreement?

The terms and conditions of framework agreements will vary. Agreements can include several suppliers, have different routines for placing and order and various internal routines on how to proceed. Information on each framework agreement can be found using Avtaleportalen. All orders must be placed using Basware PM.

There are three ways of making a purchase under a framework agreement:

  1. Through a catalogue set up with assistance from the supplier (internal catalogues)
    1. Conduct a search for the relevant product or supplier using Basware PM under “catalogue products – advanced search”
  2. Through an external catalogue that links us to the supplier’s own online store (“punch-out catalogue”)
    1. Se the overview of external catalogues in Basware PM
  3. Free text order: place an order with suppliers where there is no established catalogue

If a framework agreement is entered into with more than one supplier, find out whether the agreement sets specific rules on:

  1. Priority, where we must contact a specified supplier first, before contacting the next on the list? (For example employment services)
  2. Distribution, where purchases are to be distributed among suppliers in accordance with an agreed percentage
  3. Mini-competitions, where the procurement office will collect tenders on a specified purchase (for example when purchasing furniture exceeding the value of 100.000 NOK ex. VAT)
  4. Other requirements, where purchases are decided due to specific requirements, such as furniture under 100.000 NOK ex. VAT and laboratory supplies

5.Why should I use a framework agreement?

Framework agreements are obligatory. This means that purchases covered by an existing framework agreement must be made from our contract supplier. Further, UiB’s bargaining power when entering into agreements is strengthened by how much we use them, and loyalty to an agreement is a prerequisite for good framework agreements. In addition to ensuring good terms when it comes to cost, delivery, warranty and service, framework agreements also place UiB in a position where we can pressure suppliers to ensure human and worker’s rights, and to promote sustainable development and higher environmental standards.

6.Who can make use of a framework agreement?

Framework agreements can be used for all purchases of goods and services on behalf of UiB. They cannot be used for private purchases. Each contract will contain specific regulations on its scope. All orders are to be made via Basware PM.

7.When can we not use a framework agreement?

A framework agreement only covers purchases of goods or services as specified in the agreement. If a purchase is not covered by a framework agreement, it must follow the procedure for individual purchases. Some purchases cannot be made via a framework agreement because the supplier is unable to deliver, or cannot cover a specific need. In these cases, a purchase can be made outside the agreement.

8.Can I make purchases from other suppliers than those specified in a framework agreement?

When a framework agreement is entered into with a supplier(s), it obligates the UiB to make its purchases of the goods or services covered by the agreement from this/these specific suppliers. Purchases of goods or services covered by an agreement can only be made outside the agreement if the framework suppliers are unable to deliver, or if what you need cannot be covered by what is covered in the agreement.


1.How can I create a supplier in Basware PM?

The Accounting office handle the creation of suppliers in Basware PM. Contact the accounting office on Issuetracker with the following information: name of company, address, organization number, bank account number, currency (if not NOK), and an email address for forwarding orders.

2.We are moving office. Do we have an agreement with a moving company?

Yes, ANSK-2321-15 Rammeavtale flyttetjenester. See avtaleportalen for more information. Orders are made as free text orders after agreeing the details of the assignment with the moving company.

3.Purchasing from Vinmonopolet

Vinmonopolet is already a registered supplier in Basware PM, and orders are made to them as free text orders. An invoice will be sent to UiBs invoice address, with reference to the order ID.

How to order:

  • Search vinmonopolet.no for the items you need to order, and find out what they cost. The order through Basware PM should specify correctly what items the order is for, as well as the correct amount and cost.
  • When placing a free text order in Basware PM, specify what shop it is for (Bergen Storsenter or Valkendorfsgate) in the comment field to the supplier. Always use “Seldefinert lev.adr.” as delivery address, unless the order is to be delivered by Bring (see below). Vinmonopolet has informed us that a copy of the order must be brought along when collecting orders in-store. If you fail to specify which store the delivery will be picked up from, or to bring along a copy of the order, you will not be able to collect your order.
  • If collecting the order in-store, please allow 24 hours from time of placing the order before collection. This is to allow customer services time to process the order and forward it to the store, and for the store to prepare the order. You can collect your order earlier than this if you receive an email or SMS notifying you that the order is ready for pick-up.
  • Vinmonopolet also offer a delivery service, but it is important to note that these deliveries are made directly from their storage facilities in Oslo, and not from local shops. Orders with delivery must be made 7 days in advance, and will include a delivery fee.

Registering Vinmonopolet as a supplier in Basware PM means UiB will have a uniform customer ID across the organization. All customer IDs that have previously been registered for different units within UiB have now been deleted by Vinmonopolet. This means that all purchases from Vinmonopolet that require an invoice must be placed via Basware PM.

4.Invoices from Skyss - business agreement

Skyss has made some changes to their credit agreements. If Skyss are to issue an invoice for travel cards ordered on behalf of visiting guests, students etc., each department or institute must register a user at SkyssBedrift and create a PM-order on behalf of the institute/department.

Gjør som følger:

  1. Det enkelte institutt/avdeling under UiB registrerer seg som kunde i SkyssBedrift. Gå inn på «Søknadsskjema avtale SkyssBedrift»
  2. Velg Universitetet i Bergen som «offentleg eining»
  3. Juridisk organisasjonsnummer er Universitetet i Bergen sitt overordnede organisasjonsnummer (874 789 542). I virksomhetsnummer registrerer man kostnadsstedet til instituttet med «200» foran (eks 200131400 for Institutt for biomedisin, 200217000 for Økonomiavdelingen). «Bedriftsnamn» er instituttet/avdelingen.
  4. Hvert institutt/avdeling oppretter en innkjøpsordre i bestillingssystemet og legger inn PM-nummeret i fakturareferanse nederst i søknadsskjemaet. Alle faktura for instituttet/avdelingen blir da koblet til dette PM-nummeret.
  5. Fyll ellers ut søknadsskjema som vanlig med kontaktinformasjon til instituttet. Hvert institutt må ha en kontaktperson som er ansvarlig for å bestille skysskort på instituttet/avdelingen.
  6. Når 12 måneder er gått, opprettes ny PM-bestilling og fakturareferanse oppdateres.
  7. Skysskort bestilles deretter av kontaktpersonen via nettløsningen for SkyssBedrift