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Procurement section

The Procurement Section is responsible for all internal and external matters concerning procurements at the University, and has employees with financial, legal and technical backgrounds with special knowledge of procurement procedures. The section provides support and advice to the university's faculty, departments and institutes. The section is divided into two groups; the contract group and the purchase-to-pay group, and is located in Nygårdsgaten 5, 8th floor.

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Procurement section employees:


Kjetil SkogHead of Section
Andrea JensenAcademic procurements
Alexander Alex FocusPurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Bjørnar MyklebustPurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Emma IgelkjønnPurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Henning Sivertsen SkjetneAdministrative procurements
Huldeborg Elin Helle Administrative procurements 
Jan Georg TangenesAdministrative procurements (80 % leave)
Kitty Anette Amlie TverråAcademic and property-related procurements
Louise Jørgensen BlixPurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Marianne LohnePurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Marie MørchPurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Ove BotnevikContract management CSR
Siri KnapskogProperty-related procurements (partental leave)
Steinar HesthammerAcademic procurements
Stine Jørgensen BjarnarProperty-related procurements
Susanne NysethAdministrative og property-related procurements (on leave)
Thomas JallPurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Thorolf FørdePurchase to Pay (Bestilling til Betaling)
Trygve KnagAcademic and IT-related procurements
Vegard Fosse SandvollAdministrative procurements