Even though we can rarely feel it, the lithospere - the rigid outermost shell of the Earth's crust - is in constant motion. The driving forces are fundamental processes deep in the Earth's core. The main research aim for The geodynamics group at the University in Bergen is to gain a deeper understanding of these processes.

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OBS Expedition

Deep down in the Arctic - OBS Expedition 2019

Our guest student from Italy has made this video from the OBS Cruise last summer

Earthquake, sketch

A deeper understanding of earthquakes

Little is known about what causes deep earthquakes, which occur down to depths of 670 kilometres below the Earth's surface. A newly published scientific article sheds more light on the earthquakes that have puzzled scientists for decades.

EPOS-Norway Annual Workshop
Bryggen i Bergen

EPOS-Norway Annual Workshop 2019

The EPOS-Norway Annual Workshop of 2019 took place in Bergen, Wednesday 23 January to Thursday 24 January. This year's venue was the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel at Bryggen. The workshop brought together more than fifty participants: partners and external parties related to the project, as well as...

EPOS-Norway SESF Workshop
Workshop people

EPOS-Norway SESF Workshop

Within the framework of the EPOS-Norway project, a dedicated web-portal is being developed. As part of this development, on 1-3 November 2017, EPOS-Norway project arranged a workshop in Bergen, where 25 students and scientists attended.

EPOS-IP IT Workshop 2016
EPOS-IP IT Workshop 2016 - group picture

EPOS-IP IT Workshop 2016