School visits

We offer visits to schools at all levels, and also wish you welcome to visit us!

Geofysisk feltarbeid i Nygårdsparken
Geophysical fieldwork in Nygårdsparken.
Harald Walderhaug, UiB

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Interested in learning more about geophysics?

Representatives from the research group will be happy to visit schools and tell you more about the exciting things we work on. Classes from all levels (elementary school and high school) are also welcome to visit us here at the university. You can then learn more about earthquakes, geohazards, methods for mapping the Earth’s interior, and other topics within geophysics. In addition, you may join us on exciting field work! We will of course adapt the content we present to the age group of the students we visit or welcome to us.

Interested? Please send an e-mail to Berit Storheim for more information, and to schedule an appointment for visit.

We look forward to hearing from you!