UiB Sustainability

The Sustainability Pilots at UiB

The sustainability pilots help to raise the students’ voice within UiB’s work on sustainability and a climate neutral UiB. Read more about their tasks and who they are here.

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The UiB sustainability pilots: Kristine Ingeborg Sundet Gulla, Dina Bergmann, Nora Bemanian and Merjem-Emma Torlo Djugum.
Ole M. Kvamme, UiB

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If we are to achieve our goals, it is very important that the student mass is involved. The appointment of sustainability pilots is an initiative implemented by the university management and represents an important step in the right direction.

Among other things, sustainability pilots help to raise the student perspective within UiB’s work on sustainability and a Climate Neutral UiB, and ensure that we ‘learn as we live’. They are closely linked to the university management, each with their own mentor in the areas of programmes of “studies and subjects”, “student life”, a Climate Neutral UiB and the SDG conference in Bergen. The sustainability pilots also help to motivate and engage both students and employees in a common effort focusing on climate and sustainability.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about the sustainability pilots’ organisation, mandate, previous projects, and more.


The university has four sustainability pilots. The sustainability pilots are appointed from the student mass and hold 20% part-time positions, which last from August to June. Every year, new sustainability pilots are appointed in order to gain new, fresh perspectives on the university’s sustainability efforts.

The sustainability pilots will

  • plan, implement and evaluate activities which can help to place sustainability and Climate Neutral UiB on the agenda for students at UiB.
  • Develop ideas about sustainability and a Climate Neutral UiB.
  • Serve as a link between the students and the university management, and follow up student initiatives related to sustainability and a Climate Neutral UiB.

The sustainability pilots spring 21- spring 22

The second group of sustainability pilots were Vilde, Emilie, Ingeborg and Ole. Here is some information about some of their main projects.

Byttebua: The first group of sustainability pilots started ‘Byttebua’ in November 2020 as a permanent swapping market where students and employees affiliated with the University of Bergen could swap and exchange things. This scheme was continued by the current sustainability pilots, and is currently operated in collaboration with Spire Bergen and Future in Our Hands. Byttebua is located at Nygård School and is open between 16:00 and 18:00 every Tuesday and Thursday. It is a place where you can both pick up and deliver many different used items.

UIB Sustainability: This is the new overview webpage for sustainability at UiB. The purpose of this webpage is to make information related to sustainability at UiB readily available to students, employees and external parties.

Miljø&Mingle: In March, the sustainability pilots organised a gathering for student volunteers working on sustainability-related issues in Bergen. The business sector, academia and non-profit organisations all held lectures at this gathering. The gathering was held in Lystgården at Landås and had around 40 sustainability-interested students on the guest list.

New tasks from autumn 2022

The sustainability pilots scheme continues, and four new students are appointed. The new pilots are  organised as follows:

Studies and subjects:

- Disseminate information about studies and courses available at UiB within the fields of sustainability, climate and environment.

- Manage the Sustainability Pilots’ social media channels.

- Maintain parts of the UiB Sustainability website.

Sustainable student life

- Work with Byttebua Bergen.

- Organise sustainable activities for the students, such as clean-up operations and networking events.

- Act as a link for student organisations in Bergen that work with sustainability, climate and the environment.

- Maintain parts of the UiB Sustainability website.

Climate Neutral UiB

- Participate in projects related to the Climate Neutral UiB project.

- Be part of the Climate Neutral UiB steering group.

- Conduct dissemination related to climate accounting, projects and other activities related to a Climate Neutral UiB.

SDG Conference Bergen

- Participate in the SDG Conference Bergen secretariat.

- Help the secretariat with planning.

- Help with the involvement of student organisations for Day Zero.