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As a student in Bergen you can get involved in numerous student organizations working with sustainability. Read more about some of them here.

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Student organisations and other organisations

These student organisations are independent bodies and are not affiliated with specific educational institutions. They bring together students across disciplines and universities/university colleges.

Spire Bergen

Spire is an environmental and development organisation for young adults and students. They are keen to view major societal problems in context, and believe that the current economic system is an obstacle to ensuring a sustainable and fair world.

In the spring of 2022, they focused especially on political influence at the local level, and the local organisation worked on topics such as power, democratic urban development, climate justice and conservation of important natural areas.

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Future in Our Hands Bergen

Future in Our Hands is among Norway’s largest environmental and solidarity organisations. Their primary goals are global justice, ecological balance and finding a solution to the world’s poverty problems.

Here in Bergen, the local organisation conducts a lot of work organising clothing swap parties, dumpster feasts, fixing parties, DIY workshops and film screenings. They also have their own garden at Fjellsiden, ‘The Future Garden’, where they grow local vegetables and fruits in a sustainable manner.

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UN Students

UN students is a student organisation that creates social events and works to inform and engage students in Bergen about UN related issues such as the SDGs, career opportunities, intercultural understanding, and current issues.

The organisation wants to be able to highlight the SDGs and facilitate and create events based on these. Among other things, they have an annual theme week that is linked to the SDGs!

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Changemaker Bergen Student

Changemaker Bergen Student works on global development issues with a particular focus on peace, debt and capital flight, global health, international trade, climate, and the environment.

In 2022, Changemaker’s main campaign focuses on illicit financial flows and tax havens. In addition, they will be involved in implementing The World’s Best News and spreading the word that the world, despite the media’s pessimistic coverage, is not just experiencing negative development.

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Om i Morgen

Om i Morgen is an interdisciplinary foundation that wants to facilitate, consolidate, disseminate and strengthen the arena for climate and environmental issues. Their vision is ‘Sharing knowledge about the green shift’. Fun fact: Om i Morgen actually developed out of the Geophysical Institute at UiB!

Currently, Om i Morgen is an organisation largely run by volunteers, but they have ambitions to become a workplace that conducts climate dissemination through conferences, podcasts and interaction with politics and the business sector.

In September 2022, they organized the ‘We must talk about tomorrow’ conference for the third time!

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World Saving Hustle

World Saving Hustle is a networking organization for individuals and organisations that work towards creating a better world by fighting for nature and animal- and human rights. Among other things, they organise a number of clean-up operations!

In 2022, they aim to create more green jobs!

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Lystgården is located at Landås and is a kind of greenhouse for sustainability, quality of life and community. Food, culture and social change is at the heart of their activities.

In the evenings, they have an exciting programme of courses, concerts, voluntary work, conversations, and you can rent the house for private events or other fun! Lystgården is for the whole of Bergen.

They are looking for student volunteers to help out with several of the events they organise!

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Address: Kanonhaugen 39

Academic committees and subgroups

These groups are connected to specific programmes or faculties at UiB, but they often organise events that are open to more people!

Academic Committee for the Master’s Degree in Sustainability

This is the academic committee for the new, interdisciplinary Master’s Degree in Sustainability at UiB. Students have diverse backgrounds (including biology, philosophy, and economics) and specialise in global societal challenges, marine sustainability or climate change and energy restructuring. The academic committee is the link between the students and the faculty.

They work to create a network where all students who are interested in sustainability can meet each other and exchange ideas. In March 2022, they launched The Eco Chamber podcast, which addresses various topics within the field of sustainability, and they invite guests from academia, organisations and the business sector into the studio!

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Enviro Bergen is a student group at the Faculty of Law in Bergen. The aim of the group is to draw attention to legal issues that are associated with the environmental and climate.

They offer workshops and academic events so that students are able to gain a better overview of the research community and parts of working life within the field of environmental law.

All law students at UiB who are interested are welcome to attend Enviro’s events!


iEarth Bergen Student is part of the SFU consortium iEarth. The consortium aims to revolutionise geoscience education in Norway through student-active and learning-based practice.

As a student organisation affiliated with iEarth, they try to form a student network through various activities such as career days, pub lectures and Georakel.