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Here you will find information about the Operations Section at UiB, and how to contact us with maintenance needs.

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Maintenance needs are reported through Lydia.
For Møllendalsveien 61 and Møllendalsbakken 11, needs are reported at feilogmangler@uib.no.

For immediate needs, for example in the case major leakes, call the security phone on +47 55 58 80 81
Also note the phone numbers to the different operations areas under "Operations areas" below.

Operation areas

Employees and students at UiB have an electronic notification service for maintenance needs called Lydia. This is the primary channel for reporting on maintence needs at campus.

In the case of immediate needs you can also use the phone numbers below. The operations areas are open from 07:00 to 14:30 every day all year. After working hours the phone is connected to the security phone.  

The Card Centre

You can contact the Card Centre by showing up at the the Student Centre or through Uibhjelp.

The Park Unit at the Transport and Park Section (TPS)

The Park Unit is responsible for:

Green areas at UiB:

  •  Maintenance of the green areas at UiB. 
     Including lawn mowing, maintenance, maintaining trees and bushes.

Snow and ice:

  •  Ploughing snow and removing ice at campus in the winter.

Out door cleaning and maintenance:

  • Cleaning sidewalks, removing posters etc., removing graffiti at campus, and maintaining gates, fences, stairs and benches.

Parking spaces

  •  Cleaning, marking, and putting up signs at the UiB parking spaces.

Evaluation of the need for contract work:

  • To evaluate the need for, and, if it is needed, order and coordinate work done at the park and outdoor areas at UiB's campus.

Maintenance and how to send a demand notice in Lydia

Maintenance needs are reported with a demand notice in Lydia.

Maintenance consists of tasks that are performed to maintain the building, outdoor spaces and the technical installations at a quality level such that the building can be used for the purpose it was intended for. It may be replacing parts of the building, rectifying damage/deficiencies or establishing measures to prevent deterioration.

You have the opportunity to report the following:

  • Lighting, broken electrical outlets and other electrical issues (not IT which is reported to BRITA)
  • Heating and ventilation
  • Cleaning and waste
  • Doors and windows
  • Leaking taps and toilets
  • External: graffiti, loose paving stones, holes in asphalt, park, stairs and ramps, etc.
  • Transport and supplies (Employees only)

How to log on to Lydia

Completing the demand notice

For acute needs, for example in the case of major leakages, call the security centre on +47 55 58 80 81

Rebuilding and maintenance

Needs and wishes that are not related to operations, wishes for more office workplaces, general renovation of the premises, new/more furniture, rebuilding work etc. are reported to the faculty who will inform EiA