Estate and Facilities Management division

The Card Centre

The Card Centre is located in the common area on the 2nd floor of the Student Centre, Parkveien 1 and is responsible for the production, programming and issue of access cards to students and employees at UiB. The Card Centre also programmes the opening and closing times of doors in the university's buildings.

Card Centre

Card access to the university's buildings
Student and employee cards are programmed for access shortly after issue.

Access is based on the study programme for students and the location code for employees.

It is the institution/faculty/section, in collaboration with the Department of Estate and Facilities Management, that decides where its students and employees may have access.

If students do not have certain card access, for additional subjects for example, they should contact the Card Centre either in person or by e-mail to kortsenteret@eia.uib.no

Each institution/section has appointed a person who is responsible for cards and who acts as a link between the Card Centre and employees. All enquiries from employees about lack of access must go via the person at the individual institution/department who is responsible for cards.

All UiB employees may access teaching rooms in common areas during the hours of 07:00-21:45 Monday to Friday. Any other access to teaching rooms must be ordered via the person responsible for cards in each individual case.


Do not make any holes in the card! The card may not work if you make a hole in it.