Estate and Facilities Management division

The Estate and Facilities Management division as a work place

The Estate and Facilities Management division requires good candidates for various types of positions at regular intervals. All positions are published through jobbnorge.no and finn.no, as well as in the newspaper Bergens Tidende.

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The Department as a work place

The Estate and Facilities Management division forms part of the central administration of the University of Bergen. 

We are responsible for management, operation and maintenance, as well as development of all the University’s buildings, which comprise 95 buildings totalling 284,000 m2, including rental of 105,000 m2.

Our department has approximately 100 employees and administers an operational budget of approximately NOK 495 million and an investment budget of approximately NOK 170 million (2020).

Our department is organised into 4 units: Operation, Project, Professional support & Staff, Larger efforts. The buildings are in the main located at Nygårdshøyden and Årstadvollen.

Additionally we perform a number of services for UiB students, employees and the public - for example post and transport services, administration of access cards, rental of premises, welfare cabins, parking, administration etc.

What type of competence do we need?

The Estate and Facilities Management division has employees of very different backgrounds. People working here include social scientists, social workers, engineers,  skilled workers, economists, valuers, unskilled workers, lawyers and agronomists, for example.

Some of the competence we regularly require includes:

Project managers – we have a large number of building projects running at all times. Everything from small maintenance projects to large renovation projects and property development. We also have projects involving interiors and equipment planning. Working as a project manager might include everything from arranging invitations to monitoring building progress up to completion.

Engineers – we have over time focused on developing specialised engineering competence which can provide support for other functions within the department - examples of these include fire and safety engineers, maintenance engineers, energy efficiency engineers and central control system engineers.

Skilled workers – our skilled workers are active in a wide range of technical areas. Particularly relevant are electrics, automation, plumbing, HVAC and building.

Unskilled workers – unskilled workers work in our operational areas and in the park section. Important skills include manual abilities, practical experience and the ability to absorb knowledge through practical work.

(We encourage our employees to take certificates in the building trades if they wish, - the Department of Property can help with organizing this). 

Lawyers – our legal experts work as coordinators planning use of space, rental and leasing of space, further follow-up with users relating to internal rental and handling legal issues connected to property management.

Apprentices -  in recent years we have engaged office apprentices in our staff and building trade apprentices in building operations.

With us you can expect:

  • varied and challenging work tasks.
  • an inspiring, inclusive and pleasant working environment.
  • training and possibilities for further education and development.
  • good pension and insurance arrangements in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
  • a mortgage on favourable terms in the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund.
  • welfare arrangements such as company sports teams, company cabins, cultural events and a company day nursery

Your opportunities:

The department has competent employees in a number of technical areas and they have their workplace in a variety of places within the location of the university. We can offer varied and challenging work tasks in a number of areas; take a look at our units’ areas of responsibility.

The development of competence is a priority and we facilitate technical development. Our employees participate in annual technical updates, competence-raising training and further education such master programmes and facilitation to take trade certificates. We also emphasise sharing knowledge internally, so as to benefit from internal transfer of experience. Our “seniors” are often given the responsibility of following up with our new employees to help them make a good start with us.

You will be able to work in buildings ranging from museums to advanced laboratories, from technological buildings to protected cultural heritage sites when working for the Department of Property. You can also participate in cooperation with experienced technical groups in important development tasks for the whole of the university.